Saturday, December 30, 2017

New Year Wishes

To all readers of this blog LORD wishes perseverance. The upcoming year 2018 will be breakthrough one and many miracles will occur what will further strengthen you in the faith.  

To the world leaders he wishes bigger wisdom. There only 15 years has left to the Judgment Day that this time will be hold on the Promised Land in Jerusalem. There is still a lot to work to be done if you want to hear positive verdict. 

To common people LORD wishes an openness of heart and minds for his word. The return of the LORD is unstoppable and he is undeniable.

For Kabalah ladies this year will be special one. For Raga twins especially as one will bear LORD black son. The other will be murdered by the Order. 

LORD did everything in his power to save the poor one but he also needs money. Poor Raga. 

For Amanda this year will make her closer to the freedom. At the end of next year she shall be together with LORD. Whatever she wish so or not but the alternative is death or... Manowski.

Nina is hard struggling for her dreamed marriage and LORD wishes it too but she will need to wait in line another year. 

Worst is for Christine, most beloved. But the Order is preparing weeding party for her in Denmark. Agree for this, as there is nothing yet for you but be sure the day will come when you will join the Lord. Forever. 

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