Friday, December 8, 2017


Many are thinking why Kaczynski changed Polish PM. We do not know but what is interesting is that when Jews was remembering Maccabean Revolt some has undertaken revision attempt.

It has provoked strong reply from Hamas that stated that "Any attempt to falsify reality or rewrite history will fail". LORD is proud and grateful for such noble stance but things are different when it comes to Iran.

On the very same day leading Friday prayers Ayatollah has openly told that some statesman in U.S. believe that (Trump) is mentally ill and some doctor shall help him.

Whatever this Ayatollah or Kaczynski they have failed. Whatever old or new government will not allow for revision because they are missing LORD son.

Without him they are not able to do same thing Gorbachev served to LORD father. The ambulance did not stopped and Kaczynski was again visible crushed...

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