Saturday, December 30, 2017

Secret of Red Planet

 "Such a thing is an immortality" 
Adam Mickiewicz, Forefathers

You know already this red lines enacted in the Holy Bible but in reality it is only a trick to mobilize his people. The truth is much harder. Let discover the secret of Red Planet.

Once our cousin Mars was twin to the Earth. It also had water, plants, animals and of course humans.

It had also his own LORD and the Scripture. The problem arise when the Jewish race was eradicated from their surface.

The people there was grown with disrespect to LORD and he has been alienated. Put on the margin of society.

He was not aware of his power and why others are treating him worse that a dog. And somehow being unable to find his own place had committed suicide.

And that has triggered an explosion of his Nest because it is programmed so. If there is no continuation of LORD the program is terminated and whole globe explodes...

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