Monday, December 25, 2017

St. Stephan day

On the second day of Christmas LORD wants to voice his support and thanks to the Messianic Jews movement. Among all religious movements it is one closes to his hearth.

The thanks has been already expressed in the air in the recent days but it is still worth to underline the contributions that this movement gives to his case. 

You, Messianic Jews, are currently treated worse that the Gentiles by the Jewry and so called Jewish State but the day of the LORD is coming unstoppable.

The LORD wishes you at this occasion very special and direct wishes of the prosperity and the respect in the diaspora. You are truly an avantgarde among the Jews.

LORD is fully aware about your status in the Jewry and all the troubles that some are making to you in the State of Israel but you can be sure that your case will prevail and you will be given a proper place among the diaspora. 

LORD is sure that in the coming years you will grown in the numbers and the strength.

Soon nobody is going to deny the Jewishness of you. Nobody is going to compare you to the Christians. Because you are a Messianic Jews. Thus said the LORD, God of Israel.

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