Monday, December 25, 2017

To Pope

Recently the Pope Francis expressed in his Christmas wishes a wish to be beloved by the God. How this old fart could become the favorite of the LORD?

For first he need to be useful. Talking all the time of the drama of the refugee is not. There are more important topics to which he could pay attention like the upcoming Judgment of the God.

He during his vigil mass told that want to reforge fear of the LORD into love. Well, certainly he thinks about Amanda but there is nobody that could help her in her mission.

The fear of the Wrath of the God is not existing among the general population and the Cult of Golden Calf is the best example. This will drive them to replacements and the Lord to depart the planet.

When the real fear will come it will be simply to late. What people are going to offer the LORD is simply too lite too late.

This is a task for the head of biggest Church. To inform the faithfuls of the coming Judgment and the role of the Lord. The Saviour.

He have already LORD's Manifesto. He knows exactly what LORD is expecting in this 15 years time frame. But did he paid any attention to this document? Or will be stammering of the refuges?

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