Thursday, December 21, 2017


The way Trump is handling UN criticism of recent acknowledgement of Jerusalem as capital of Jewish State is not nice but what to say about his critics. They are people that often talk about God but does not recognize nether him, nor his will. 

There is nothing wrong with accepting a reality that Jerusalem is capital of Israel. They, Jews, was struggling for this for thousands of years and have Biblical right to Jerusalem.

LORD hopes that this UN resolution will be defeated what will honor his people murdered in places like Auschwitz Birkenauen. Many of them dreamed of having such capital.

The calls to reject U.S. vote are indeed anti-semitic in nature. They are denning the Jews their ultimate dream. Dream of having State of Israel with capital in Biblical Jerusalem. 

Therefore LORD is calling on all that did not lost their mind to vote against such resolution. The fact that Jewish People have their state and their capital in Jerusalem does not mean that Palestinians does not have legitimate rights to have same. 

LORD truly believes that both people will have their states and capital in Jerusalem before the Day of the Judgment. The calls of Turkey/Iranian coalition are just denning the Jews their right to have their own state and as such cannot be accepted. They are against LORD will are Satanic in their nature...

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