Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Until the end

Some in ruling PiS party said that Kaczynski can become Prime Minister in the coming months. That is a real possibility because no one other will be willing to cover the crimes they want to perform in the coming months.

Morawiecki would like to be named a Polish Patriot but a party that he is public face is not Polish in the nature. It is ruled by Maltese Order and have everything to name it a fascist.

It will be no long time before Mateusz will resign. The deadline for Maltese Order in their satanic plan is May, 2018. The moment of re-election of Vladimir Putin on the President of Russian Federation.

From that point in time another cycle of ancient Scripture will be blindly executed by Malta Order and some of the world leaders replaced by their clones. We will all observe a monumental work done by the Order and establishment of new/old Fascist/Bolshevik World Order. 

That would be certainly not a problem for Morawiecki if not a direct changes in the LORD family. The Mother of God will be replaced by her Teutonic clone and this is a point no Polish Patriot can accept. It will be too heavy blow for Morawiecki and some other leader will be needed to take up the steer. Until the end. Until the dooms day...

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