Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Who is a Jew?

Lord does not usually meddle in the internal affairs of Jewry or State of Israel but this time together with issue of Messianic Jews they posed a very fundamental question: Who is a JEW?

When David Ben-Gurion was working on the Law of Return he had a basic principle in his mind: "A JEW IS SOMEBODY THAT IS CONSIDERING HIMSELF A JEW".

Whatever for the Jewry or State of Israel in this context this should be obvious principle many are trying to change Law or Return into instrument that will define who is or not a Jew. This is unwelcome stance by the Lord.

The issue raised together with so called Messianic Jews, a Jews that are acknowledging Jesus Christ as the Messiah. Whatever it is true or false, and LORD have also his doubts on this, they cannot be denied a Jewishness based on it! And this is a fact in modern State of Israel. 

The only obligation coming from the Holy Bible for someone to claim to be a Jew is an acceptance of the Covenant made by LORD between his people - a Jews. 

As a symbol of this Covenant the Jews MUST be circumcised. This is a symbol of unity and acceptance of the Covenant. And that is the only requirement to claim a Jewishness. No law and in particular Law of Return can be above this...

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