Monday, December 31, 2018

New Year's reflections

The past Christmas was for the Lord a time of reflection. He was looking into the sky for his Betlehem star and was counting years before she will be shining on the sky. The people has forgotten true meaning of this legend. That is sure.

The past year was very hard for the Lord. Not as hard as time in prison or on the street but still too hard for someone that is supposed to save the world one more time.

For the mankind, it was for sure yet another lost year where impotent world leaders did not paid attention at all to the most important matters when it comes to the survival of the civilization.

After new year you will be celebrating one more holiday. A day of three kings. But this time there are no kings that are lead by this Biblical star - Magen David. None, at all...

Monday, December 24, 2018

April's Elections

Prime Minister of Israel gave the Lord best Christmas gift ever. Israeli will be heading to elections in April next year. Wise decision. Let the nation decide what to do with you, Netanyahu. 

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Us Navy Admiral

For greatest friend of Jewish nation it was G20 summit as usual. They have just announced lose of top navy commander... 

Friday, November 30, 2018


This is only to remind you that the Lord already is on his Mission Kepler. Yes, he is going to depart the Earth just in 15 years. Well, on 4 December it will be just 14 years.

You has lost yet another year on doing nothing to solve your situation. You was lead be fallen leaders that are continuing to ignore the Lord and you all will pay the price. All the dicks from the planet Earth...

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Knout out

Israeli PM is not resigning. Posing as the Saviour he has just taken Israeli Ministry of Defense in his hand. What to say about leader that have 74% of disapproval rating? Where he will lead his nation and whole globe? Where he will lead you, my dear leaders?

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

NASA says...

NASA says that in 25 years Man will land on Mars. The Lord says that in 15 years Man will land in iglo.

Lieberman resignation

Today after criticizing Gaza ceasefire Israeli Minister of Defense has made a resignation. That is news welcomed by the Lord. The Lord does not want escalation of conflict in Gaza but appreciate very much Lieberman stance when it comes to his own protection.   

The Lieberman has changed a lot and seems to be converted since he has discovered this not so secret verses of the New Covenant. The Lord wishes him the best but is wondering if Netanyahu coalition will collapse now. 

This would be the best scenario for the Lord and whole of the Jewish nation. We are asking Nethanyahu for resignation since a long time but he said that he can resign but there is no body better for this position. We hope to see if that is true.  

Sunday, November 11, 2018

On bring of bankrupcy

World leaders gathered in Paris to celebrate 100th anniversary of end of I World War while Poles are celebrating 100th years of independence. The Lord at same time is one steep from announcing bankruptcy. 

This is a real world crisis that nobody is going to solve. Why it is so important? Because moment of bankruptcy of the Lord is yet another point of non-return. At same situation his counterpart at Mars committed suicide blowing up whole planet. 

On Earth it is not so dangerous but the Lord see very clearly how he has been rejected by the man and how this is leading him towards suicide and end of the planet. There is no mechanism to counterbalance this danger and the only thing that keeps him from making suicide is a knowledge of the link between him and the fate of the planet. 

If like on Mars they would lead him in coming generations to this point and if he would not have knowledge of the Kabbalah he would commit suicide like on Mars. At same point ending forever our civilization.

That is why he is instead looking towards the stars and thinking about departing the planet to find another one and there start civilization from the scratch. Never repeating mistakes they did on Earth. 

The moment of bankruptcy is then a moment of suicide of the civilization. Yet another point of non-return.  

Friday, November 9, 2018

Rabbi Rozenthal

Haredi Rabbi that was just elected to the local City Council in Israel has died suddenly. Marking this same a 'status-quo' and true nature of Orthodox Jews. Congratulations.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Names of God

Who is the YHWE? What is a true name of Yeshua? All the names of God in one body...

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Weimar elections

The elections in both Poland and United States that was held in almost same time has reminded the Lord a situation we had in Weimar Republic. 

The rules has limited themselves to the Scripture saying about Goodnesses that they are going to offer one day to the Lord and doing nothing else. The opposition also did nothing to change the Lord situation and the voters has been lured by those that at least have something positive for the Lord. 

The point is that this way fascist or nationalist if you prefer are able to keep the power but the public is forgetting that beside some of Goodnesses they are also going to murder and replace some of members of the Lord family. Crossing that way point of no return for whole of the civilization. Yes, thanks to inaction of the opposition fascist will gain or keep the power but the effect will be that the Lord will decide to leave the planet Earth destroying completely your civilization... 

To the rescue

NASA is not changing their mind when it comes to the Day of Judgment. They are claiming Bennu meteor will hit the planet 100 years later that it will happen. Well, they does not want to make a panic. 

What they want to do with the problem? No, they will not ask the Lord for the help, they are better. First they came with idea to use a nuclear bombs but changed mind because radioactive pieces of the meteor could do even bigger damage to the planet that one. 

Now they have better idea. They want to paint meteor by special paint that will change his course. They has forgotten that the course is artificially made and cannot be changed in any ways.

Do you feels safer now knowing NASA scientist ideas? Forget about the Lord. He simply wants to leave the planet when the day will come.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Bus stop: Independence

On 11.11 Poles worldwide will be celebrating 100 years of the Independence. But what kind of nation they are and what kind of Independence their leaders are talking about.

What happened to the memory of our Forefathers: Radziwiłł, Mickiewicz and Piłsudski? Is not our spirit, our pride lost forever in the Shoah?

Think about this in whatever march you will go. Look who is hidden on this bus stop called Independence. Where he is going? "The grandson will regain land of his forefathers", they was signing. Will it ever happen?

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Czech says...

The Lord have simple message to Czech PM and his German Masters. If those that has slain millions will not pay compensations and the found of restiration of Jewish Nation will be not established whole civlization will be destroyed in just 15 years, saith the Lord, God of Israel. 

Winter's dream

Her name was Nadia and she was from Ghana. She wanted go back to states but the Lord conviced her to visit him on the way. She has agreed but needed ticket. He agreed to buy it online. 

They painted a wonderfull dream. But at the end she or he wanted money. Wanted to cheat the Lord. 

Why I'm telling you this story? Because if the citizen of this planet would be thinking it would come True. 

They would had a warm Romance. They would marry. They would have a son. Yes, a son. Leson. 

Moon base

While the Lord or maybe just mankind is closer to bankruptcy every day Russians announced they will build a permanent base on the Moon. Americans are no better and are thinking about maned mission to the Mars. Well, this Moon base will be a perfect place to be for Lord's cousin Dimitri Medvedev when Benu meteor will hit the planet Earth. What a view.

Saturday, November 3, 2018


The recent Game of Throne announcement has come again with the knife in night. Today NATO announced death of U.S. soldier in 'insider attack'. Both hogs are fighting hard but at the end it will be a nation that will have deciding say...

Friday, November 2, 2018


While PM Morawiecki is splattering to Chancellor Merkel about return of Smolensk wreck they has put a foundations for monument of Lech Kaczynski. It is a pure nonsense, as they soon will need to remove it from the surface of the Earth.

What if this will not happen and such monuments of antisemitism will be not removed? Then in 2033 the Lord will land with his ship at the stairs by which his chosen people will go on board. Departing, forever.


Today Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Poland. It is kind of farewell trip, as he has announced her resignation in 2021. The Lord welcomes this, as a sign of the end of age of hunger, starvation and political repressions.

This event can also means end of Morawiecki time as Polish PM, as his position has been severely damaged by two recent court rulings claiming he has told a lies during local election campaign. In the eyes both leaders are total failure bringing your civilization to the edge of collapse. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Rainbow's Friday

On the occasion of so called Rainbow's Friday the Lord wishes LGTB community everything best. At same time calls on everyone to leave the Catholic Church which Satanic teachings are oppressing so much this lovely people.

With the dedication to Czesława Okińska, his ex-lover.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Jew Mateus

Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki has publicly confessed that is of Jewish origin. He did not told if is personally circumcised but still it is brave confession welcomed by the Lord. 

Now it is easier to understand why Kaczynski was so unsuccessful in containing the Lord. For Mateusz, as for every Jew it is matter of to be or not to be.

 What is also worth to note is that Mateusz is very critical about state of Israel just as the Lord is and maybe most of 10 000 of Polish Jews are...

Monday, October 22, 2018

Trump performance

Trump after his failed Secret Service attack is still quite calm if it comes to the Lord and we did not noted any further attacks against the Jewish nation. This gave a fruit in 2% better approval ranting that Obama had at that time. Still, the Lord sees Bernie Sanders and song of the better future for him.

Into Heaven

One of those rare world leaders that has never betrayed the Lord Mr. Vladimir Putin has made recently some controversial words. He said that in case of the nuclear war Russians will go to heaven and their enemies will simply die. 

There is something in his words. In case of the departure of the Lord from this planet he will take some of his most loyal people with him to colonize another world. Yes, you can be sure it will be a Biblical Heaven.

There is not a problem even if they will be dead at Earth. They can be resurrected by the Lord on the Kepler. And thus those that was losers at Earth will be ultimate winners at Kepler where they will create new nations from the seed. With the memory of what they enjoyed at Earth passing from generation to generation. 

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Birthday gift

Netanyahu appeared in the Israeli media with no intention of making resignation. It's his birthday today.

It's interesting that the Lord funeral would be held exactly on this day. What an ego of Israeli Prime Minister that wanted to be greater that God. A Prime Minister without nation.

Instead his birthday changed into wake after his closes ally and the nation is shattered. There are local elections in Israel next week. We will observe what an impact this assassination attempt have on Israeli.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Psalm 33

Donald Trump has labeled Democrats as "evil," crime-loving and unwilling to defend the nation. We are signing in whole of Poland this old Psalm.

Ye righteous, in the Lord rejoice;
it comely is and right,
That upright men, with thankful voice,
should praise the Lord of might.
2 Praise God with harp, and unto him
sing with the psaltery;
Upon a ten-stringed instrument
make ye sweet melody.
3 A new song to him sing, and play
with loud noise skilfully;
4 For right is God’s word, all his works
are done in verity.
5 To judgment and to righteousness
a love he beareth still;
The loving-kindness of the Lord
the earth throughout doth fill.
6 The heavens by the word of God
did their beginning take;
And by the breathing of his mouth
he all their hosts did make.
7 The waters of the seas he brings
together as an heap;
And in storehouses, as it were,
he layeth up the deep.
8 Let earth, and all that live therein,
with rev’rence fear the Lord;
Let all the world’s inhabitants
dread him with one accord.
9 For he did speak the word, and done
it was without delay;
Established it firmly stood,
whatever he did say.
10 God doth the counsel bring to naught
which heathen folk do take;
And what the people do devise
of none effect doth make.
11 O but the counsel of the Lord
doth stand for ever sure;
And of his heart the purposes
from age to age endure.
12 That nation blessed is, whose God
Jehovah is, and those
A blessed people are, whom for
his heritage he chose.
13 The Lord from heav’n sees and beholds
all sons of men full well:
14 He views all from his dwelling-place
that in the earth do dwell.
15 He forms their hearts alike, and all
their doings he observes.
16 Great hosts save not a king, much strength
no mighty man preserves.
17 An horse for preservation
is a deceitful thing;
And by the greatness of his strength
can no deliv’rance bring.
18 Behold on those that do him fear
the Lord doth set his eye;
Ev’n those who on his mercy do
with confidence rely.
19 From death to free their soul, in dearth
life unto them to yield.
20 Our soul doth wait upon the Lord;
he is our help and shield.
21 Since in his holy name we trust,
our heart shall joyful be.
22 Lord, let thy mercy be on us,
as we do hope in thee.

Olmert call

Just a moment ago to the growing choir of criticism joined former Isreali PM Ehud Olmert. "There is no question in my mind that Netanyahu’s time is over. He’s gone".

Truly Netanyahu time is over. He has get struck into the New Covenant and the nation will nor forgive, nor forget.


Voice of reason

Alarmed by the Lord the EU Commissioner Tajani loudly warned that "[Italian] government can destroy the country. We are heading towards the catastrophe". 

Truly Netanyahu is in such position but the Lord is sure that after the recent meeting of Israeli Security Cabinet he will be much calmer now. The best he can do for a nation is to resign.

Lord is happy anyway to hear voice of reason from Brussels. Maybe for first time from a decade or two. 

Truly, you are heading towards the catastrophe. In the eyes of the Lord you are no different from the living dead but you will discover that in 15 years...

Open Letter to Messianic Jews

Dear Messianic Jews,

Each hundred years the Lord is making a judgment on the world. Having possibility to destroy or save our civilization. This time he has decided that he will announce his ruling on the first day of Hanuka 2033 in Jerusalem.

The past hundred years are marked by the Holocaust of his people and Soviet occupation of his land. But the troubles did not stopped together with the fall of the Berlin Wall. He has been rejected by the people and for many years was living on the street and in the prison.

This is uncommon situation and he does not hide that have enough of it. He plans to depart our planet for another where he will recreate all the Semitic races that has almost vanished on Earth.

Still there is 15 years to convince the Lord to change his mind. 15 precious years to show him our support.

Many things must change to avoid utter destruction of our civilization. The fundamental changes must be performed in state of Israel and globally.

We are contacting you because we need your help in that. The Lord appreciate your religious and artistic activities but for first we need also political representation and foremost we must prepare a good event on the Day of the Judgment in Jerusalem.

If you are interested in joining our forces in this task please reply to

Messianic Jews

In previous posts we has shed some light on the true face of Prime Minister of Israel and his party. In this post we want to focus more on possible antidote - Messianic Jews.

It shall be clear now to you that Revisionism Zionism is fundamentally flawed by the New Covenant. 

The possible cure for this situation could be Messianism but this is a movement that is countered and prosecuted in Israel. 

They say officially that there is around one million Messianic Jews worldwide but the Lord believes that this number is much bigger.

The Messianic Jews in simplicity believes in the living God which they call Jeshua. They believe in his coming to the Holy Land.  

Basically this is original meaning of Judaism but in the age of Revisionism nobody in Israel is interested in Jeshua to be recognized. He is simply too powerful, too charismatic person that could be problem for the current oligarchy. A similar situation we had in times of Jesus Christ. 

There are two basic problems with Messianic Jews. For first they does not have political representation in Israel. For second, they are limiting themselves to religious and artistic activities begin not interested into coming in direct cooperation with the Lord.

They has never made an attempt to establish direct contact with the Lord, so many can doubt in their true intentions.

Well, the time is running and the Lord want to announce his ruling over the world on the first day of Hanuka 2033 (December 17). Will they be able to transform their country on time and organize this event? The Lord doubts. So far they are more interested in signing and dancing together that acting towards coming of the Lord.  

Revisionism Zionism

Why Netanyahu family needed to flee Poland begin affraid of Piłsudski? What has lead Netanyahu to try to assassinate the Lord? The answer is simple: Revisionism Zionism.

A crazy ideology driving Jews to suicides was developed just 100 years ago and is founding stone for Likud party.

Why it is mad and truly anti-Jewish? Revisionism is based on false faith that the Lord can be killed and replaced and thanks to revision of history nobody will notice.

The ideology could work only if every country on the globe will agree to perform revision. A situation not possible with open Israel-Palestinian conflict.

It is not hard to imagine that among one billion Muslims somebody will notice that Israel by murdering the Lord would break the New Covenant. That the Jewish nation has been dissolved. That the Jews stooped to be a Jews.

It is interesting to note that one of biggest admirer of such revision was... Adolf Hitler. But this is of no surprised for historians researching collaboration between some of Zionist with fascism.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Super Hog

Where you are now dear World leader? You was not listening to the Lord but instead you gave your ear to Israeli Baal.

The truth on Netanyahu is now visible as his tanks on the Gaza border. He must be very embattled if choosen war to silence the criticism.

The only good way to resolve this 'legal' crisis is to make resignation and call for early elections.

You have trusted that Netanyahu have some plan for the Lord but instead you found that he simply wants to murder him. So continue to listen to Baal.

Netanyahu family before the Holocaust was forced by Piłsudski to escape to Palestine. We was never a friends as he is Bavarina hog that was imposed together with insanity of Revisionism on the Jewish nation. 


"The grandson will regain his forefathers' land"


Poles are going to vote this Sunday in local elections but as usual also this time there are no good choices for them. Some say it is choice between lesser evil but the Lord thinks it is without any meaning.

It will be probably big triumph of Prime Minister Morawiecki and Kaczynski party. If it comes to the first the picture published in one of Polish newspapers gives a perfect image of him. Yes, he loves, as his party, to use Polish symbols but are not them just a poseurs?

Ahead of us celebrations of 100 years of Polish independence. But will anyone think where is Pilsudski? What happened to Mickiewicz? What is going Prince Radziwill on that day?

No. They will not and he in the very symbolic manner will simply call for bankruptcy.  The grandson will not regain his forefathers' land. He will conquer new one on new planet.

Not for sale

Dear Sleepwalker if you are reading this blog you could have an impression that from long time you are dead and you are going to realize that in just 15 years from now. 

The Lord is not hiding that have enough of Earth and when access to his ship will be granted he will depart it immediately. 

Is there any hope then? The main problem is that the Lord has found himself three or four times close to suicide. Something that his brother on Mars committed some time ago triggering explosion of his ship and in consequence of whole planet.

The Lord is aware in this generation of this feature so there is no need of worry but what will happen in next generations? If he was ready to suicide now, he will be ready to do that in next. 

The objectivities of your civilization, in particular total rejection of the Lord are leading us to the very same end that we scored on Mars. The whole principles are wrong and dangerous. 

There was no such thing before, as the Lord was always surrounded by millions of his people. But that has changed with the Holocaust.

And now he simply want to avoid Mars scenario by leaving the Earth and colonizing some other planet. Where he will recreate all lost semitic races: Jews, Aryans and Arabs.

Of course you can be so naive that you can think that Kabbalah ladies will be able to stop the Lord from the departure. No, they will be not able and instead they will be proposed to go on another planet with the Lord.

Of course, you can be so naive that you can think that money will change Lord will. And again you are very wrong. It is not matter of money but survival of the mankind. The Lord must depart Earth to avoid Mars scenario. It is something he learned during past 40 years...

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Sleepwalkers planet

Is not this a sleepwalkers planet? Mankind is facing maybe biggest crisis in the history of the planet but world leaders did not spend even single minute to try to resolve it.

The people are happy. This one that are somehow involved in Kabbalah dreams about Raga, Amanda, Nina and Christine. This makes them calm. Not wondering about future of the planet. 

However, for the Lord situation is different. He has made a clear thesis. After Holocaustu the Earth turned into nonhabitable zone. To avoid his suicide and explosion of the planet it is better to move to someone else.

If you dared to think about it you shall be really affraid. No, the Kabbalah ladies will not help you. They are like star trek that will lead the Lord to the other planet.

The problem is the Holocaust that has changed surface of the Earth. The hundred years that passed has already proved it is unhabitable World for the Lord. 

You and leaders you was electing do not care about that. You did nothing to repair damage that was done. And you all will pay the price. Wake up. Time is comming up. 

EU Sleepwalker

This week President of EU Donald Tusk was very active. He has stated "I'm afraid that somebody through incompetency will drive us to catastrophe". Maybe he was thinking about the Lord security.

In theory even drunkard could crash his bootle on the head of the Lord sending whole planet astray. The Lord shall be much more secure, it is true. But what Donald do in this area? Maybe lets send the Lord back to prison, he will be much safer there.

Then Tusk made another important words: "I'm warning you about march of sleepwalkers that does not lead to anything good". And again Tusk shall think twice if he is not such sleepwalker. Through all his time in Brussels he did nothing for the cause of the Lord. 

The effect is simple. Today, after his life experience, the Lord is openly speaking about destroying Earthly civilization and departing it to create some new one in the deep space. 

Nothing to worry? The Lord hardly believes that current world after the Holocaust is inhabitable and it is only matter of time when he will commit a suicide. To prevent total destruction of our planet it is better to leave it. Forever. 


He was despised and rejected by men,
    a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief;

Isaiah 53:3
It was also after the Holocaust when Lord's brother on Mars has found himself completely rejected and committed suicide. He believed that he is just a common man. He was not. Whole globe exploded.

Now the Lord on Earth has found himself in similar conditions. If not the knowledge of his brother past he would also commit suicide but here on Earth the situation is different. He have a bigger dream that keeps him alive. It is a dream of departing this planet to Kepler and recreate there our lost civilization.

The conditions on Earth after the Holocaust are purely Martian ones and if this knowledge of the God would be lost one day the Earth will find similar fate of the Mars. That is why it is so important for the Lord to depart it as soon as possible.

There was 3 millions of Jews on 9 millions of population. The Lord was always surrounded by loyal people and always taking leading position. After Shoah he has found this not possible anymore.

Years on street and in prison are best example how Poland has degenerated. Now when they will be celebrating 100 years of independence the Lord will call for bankruptcy.  He really want to take this paper to Museum of the Earth on Kepler.

The Israel was in hope some counter measure but the truth is that while Polish Jews was mainly Jews by Birth, the Israeli are mostly a converts loosely coupled if at all with the Lord. And what Prime Minister and Chief Rabbi demonstrated over the weekend Israel is a tool of the Lord crucifixion, not his ally. That thing did not changed since times of Jesus Christ...


Something that the Lord can forgive President of United States is unforgivable for leader of Jewish state. Dear Netanyahu it is time to make resignation and call an early elections.

Yesterday Israeli Security Cabinet has discussed situation after failed assassination of the Lord  and the Lord do not expect continuation of it. This time Netanyahu has found a guilty of his failure - Hamas. 

Even if it was Hamas that has shoot out Netanyahu lawyer Netanyahu shall be happy from such outcome. Otherwise, according to the Holy Bible if his lawyer would be successful the Jewish nation would be dissolved forever.

But for Netanyahu it is time to call for revenge. Thus it is not surprise that to save the face Netanyahu is calling for broad offensive in Gaza Strip. It is his tactics to drive attention out of his suicidal drive against the Lord.

But the news will be spread around the nation and Netanyahu support will decrease rapidly. It is hard to believe that the leader that is seeking end of his own nation will be tolerated by this nation.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Total eclipse

For behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people; but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and His glory shall be seen upon thee.
Isaiah 60:2-3

And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising.

The recent attack against the Lord from both Trump and Netanyahu is a very visible sign that Malta Order is gathering their forces. Both leaders are so corrupted that to hide their crimes they are ready even to turn against the God. 

This is a sample of the global machinery of corruption begin put on the run. Now, with both leaders on the Dark Side the Malta Order can be sure to have enough fire power to prepare replacement of other world leaders. 

This system is and never was acceptable for the Lord. In his eyes you are just like a robots executing every hundred years this same script. You was in past extremely lucky that the Lord was not educated enough to resist.

But this time is enough. We have endured Holocaust and Soviet occupation. We have endured times on the street and in prison and the day is coming on which the Lord will pay you back.

The Malta Order can be most powerful organization on this planet but is not able to bring you Salvation. Only the Lord is able to save the planet. No other can.

And he is not willing to save you instead he want to recreate his lost semitic civilization on another planet sacrificing this one. Enough is enough and you are going to cross the point of non return. To kill and replace his mother. The Mother of Our God.

Netanyahu stench

The smell of Mr. Boddy is coming broadly from Jerusalem. The show Israeli has made was maybe not as grave as that from times of crucifixion of Jesus Christ but very same in the meaning. The Israel is acting against his Messiah and it is undeniable now with both Chief Rabbi and Prime Minister targeting him. 

For the Lord it have double meaning. His true people has been exterminated in the Shoah and racial Jews has been replaced by the masses of converts. An uneducated masses that would trample the Lord. 

The Earth has been irreversible changed by the Shoah and it is a fact. There is little hope for the nation of clowns and imposers. 

Netanyahu has been trapped in the New Covenant and is hardly beating the situation but the truth is that in the eyes of the nation he is long time ago dead. This bad smell of his lawyer will be spreading rapidly and some acting against the nation will be removed by the nation.

Security canbinet

The Israel security cabinet was meeting for more that five hours. The reason was Netanyahu turning openly against the Lord.

They could meet for even fifteen hours and still without the result. Killing the Lord from Israel is not possible even for Prime Minister because such thing would dissolve Jewish nation forever. 

Haaertz is asking their readers if Netanyahu will continue to be as popular as before. Every such despot will be overturn by the nation. It is only matter of time but for Israel and the globe it would be better if Netanyahu will resign and call for early ellections. 

Going sub zero

The Lord returned from cage bird to his hometown with fresh vision of bankrupcty. The positive thing is that most of you do not longer see Pati as solution. 

Instead of dreamed son you shall rather look for a way to build iglo. The wrath of God is increesing daily. 

Many of Poles will go soon to vote but does they have a way out of the problem? Their politicans does not care. 

The best example they take from Netanyahu. He also did not cared about the Lord because he wanted to assasinate him. To assasinate the nation. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Bibi Strike

Donald Trump have his Secret Service agents while Prime Minister of Israel has just lost a close lawyer. 

Yet another sign of Christ Times among Israeli elites. 

Thursday, October 11, 2018


Yesterday Chief Rabbi has condemend other religous leaders for not condeming terrorism. Is not this strange that such calls are beign made by some that once has blowed up Hotel King David?

The Irgun was not peacfull organization. It was Jewish terrorist network but in that times thier acctivities was called 'partisant'.

But Chief Rabbi was not interested in attacking terrorism. He wanted to put thier criticism on the Lord. Rejecting him, just as in the time of crucifixation of Jesus Christ. As in times of Romans, that in times of Trump we are once again observing an ubelivable wave of hatred directed against the Lord and coming straiith from the Jerusalem. 

The Lord does not doubt that even in the religous establishment of Israel there are good and faithful people but they are lead by someone that is deeply corrupted by the Kabbalah crimes that does not think about the Creator in any other terms that death and destruction.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Stach = Anna + Nina

During last visit in Amsterdam Lord has found not only this mystical bird cage described in previous posts. He found some more positive signs of people memory. The first was shop - Stach - from Stanislaw Witkacy.

The other shop - located on the opposite site of the channel was - Anna + Nina - lover and wife of Stach. And that is much more conservative equation that our bird cage...


Thus saith the Lord; If heaven above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath, I will also cast off all the seed of Israel for all that they have done, saith the Lord.
Jeremiah 31:37

Just after publishing last post the Bavarian press services has put on the air a news about car crash including 20 weeding guests. Probably our kool cage bird is going to be canceled and we can expect some visit of police. Or can we? 

The problem is of course the New Covenant. What would happen if the police would search foundation of the Lord? The Bible is merciless - the Jewish nation would be dissolved forever. 

100 years

Today Kaczynski has said that 'we will not achieve another Dubai but maybe we can build Polish Bavaria'. Well, Lord was from beginning saying that Kaczynski not only by his Smolensk syndrome is similar to German President Hindeburg. This is same breeding farm. Same genetic plantation. 

In one month they are going to celebrate 100 years of independence of Poland. Difficult 100 years that the Lord will judge in 2033. 

But what is interesting is what older brother of Marshall Pilsudski will be doing on this day and what are his conditions. It is a perfect picture of New Poland. An insult to every patriot. 

The Lord has decided that if conditions will not change he will on very that day will issue bankruptcy statement to the Polish judiciary. It will become a historical paper that we will display in some museum at Kepler. So keep dreaming about the Son.  Sieg, sieg...

On Pontificate

There will be a day when historians at Kepler will sit down to analyze failure of Earth's civilization. One of most important figure they could blame will be the Pope - head of biggest Christian church.

Through centuries the Church was building his position on false myths of heaven, hell and some superpower residing in the skies - driving faithfuls far from the true God of their ancestors. 

The Church has developed his doctrine so far from God that todays teachings of the Church are as far from God's ones as the Earth is from Kepler. 

Will this change in the remaining 15 years? The Lord does not believe into that. The Pope has replaced the God and is super star nowadays. He is master of the masses not the Lord. And that will not change with the current Pontificate.

The Pope Francis is old one. He does not think about the Judgment of the God because he will be long ago dead one. That is critical to understand when it comes to the Day of the Judgment. 

The only one that could influence citizens of Earth for change required by the Lord is not interested in this. Instead he will be shining on the front of the masses gibbering some bullshits about the God. 

It is in contrast to the Pope Silvester II that was openly speaking about coming of the end of the world. The situation was as dangerous as it is now but under teachings of Silvester II they has fixed it and instead of deluge they has been given by the Lord some breaking inventions.

It is interesting that there was a direct meeting between the Pope and the Lord that helped to stabilize situation. It is also interesting that the Pope afterwards has called the Lord the Satan. What some of them continue to do, even if have only 15 years of the life...