Sunday, January 28, 2018

Holy Spirit

May their star of prosperity
Never goes off,

The phantom son returned after LORD strategized on future of Earth but still no proof has been delivered of his existence. Basically it is a rumor spread by Order to further close their ranks before new offensive.

LORD see a star on his right ear that shall disappear when real Son would come on the Earth but it is not a case there.

The fools of Order does not think of future of this planet they just rush to execute their script that will make Wrath of God unstoppable. They act very irresponsible by speeding this rumor as the consequences will be grave for the whole civilization.

That is why you need to ask them for a proof whenever you hear about LORD son. The photo of his right ear shall be enough but the Order is not able to provide it. Because LORD son is just a rumor. A phantom.

Keppler strategy

The LORD has said that if he will depart this planet on the Day of Judgment he will do this forever. What this does mean in practice?

LORD have actually two strategies draw for this time. In one he would hit the planet Earth with several meteors to freeze all human and animal life there. Completely.

This operation would only crocodiles survive as they can hibernate. Then the Earth would be left for millions of years to recreate dinosaurs life and then be eventually recolonized by us again.

In the other variant he will crash the meteor only once or two giving the people chance to survive. This way he would destroy current civilization sending it back to Ice Age and neutralising all dangers it could pose to Keppler colony.

Eventually he would then return to Earth after advancing Keppler to reach Cold Fusion era. Then military conquest would be performed ridding the surface of Earth from all racial enemies.

This is a strategy that LORD can take on the Day of Judgment as leaders of this planet and general population not grown to hold constructive dialogue on the future of Earth. Mother Earth.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Tillerson in Warsaw

We won't let Poland's name be crushed
We won't go alive into coffin
In Poland's name, in her praise
We lift our heads in pride
Grandson regaining his forefathers' land

Trump right hand is visiting Warsaw. Ahead of meeting with Kaczyński he has paid a tribute to Jews murdered in Holocaust. Quite symbolic gesture.

Why he is meeting this mystical brother? Asked for he replied that wants to  know what other side thinks. Well, Kaczyński already stated that will not  retreat by single yota from this road. Road of Smolensk revenge.

But LORD on this anniversary of liberation of Auschwitz is thinking about something else. They already knows what a danger he poses to this civilization and are plotting a response.

The rape with Ola or Agnes will fail just as its encoded in their script but we will see the evil. We see also neutral force waiting for Amanda as for the Salvation but where is positive one?

A force that marked progress for Mickiewicz, Pilsudski or Mikołajczyk. A force that facilated their success. A force that made them famous among the nations. Where it is now?

The LORD since II World War stayed in the shadow begin completely unknown and anonymous. How it can be? Where is that crucial force missing? Not in places like Auschwitz?

Where are now his people you can then ask. Are not they waiting for him in the Heaven. On the planet Keppler?

Friday, January 26, 2018

Downing street

While many thinks biggest disaster sits down in the White House LORD thinks the true one is in Downing Street 10. 

While he hears single voices for more investment the bigest opposition to it is in the British Cabinet. 

While LORD is strugling hard to obtain founding for his own company to save poor Raga at the same time Theresa May tells investors to not put their money into 'bad content'. 

LORD gave himself 6 months to obtain the founding if he will be unsuccessfully this will weight heavily on the ruling during the Judgment Day...

Danger to the world

During a summit in Davos Jewish (sic!) Banker Georeg Soros has called Trump a 'danger to the world'. Was he only thinking about Trump or rather about the LORD? 

That is true that on the Day of the Judgment when LORD will decide to leave this planet he will destroy entire civilization on it. Thus is no strange that some has started to think about the way to contain it. 

And with the help as usual Malta Order is comming with their script. The idea is simple, let replace the LORD with his Son that will be more susceptible to the influence. 

So, as they did on Atlantis they want to rape the LORD with some girl called Ola and if this will not work with Agnes. It is all in the script and it must fail. 

Why? For first because according to the New Covenant this way they would dissolve the Jewish nation forever and for second because this way they would repeat the fate of Atlantis. 

LORD offspring would be to immature to rule on the world when the Day of the Judgment would come in 2033 thus the meteor would strike them sending most of the Switzerland under the water. 

What is worrying that beside our rapist conspiracy there is no positive thinking on how to convince LORD to stay on Earth. This is something that LORD will remember them when the Day of the Judgment will come.

Monday, January 22, 2018

You will not see mother a son

You will not see mother a son
Even if you will spot your eyes
Even if you will every morning
came on the edge of the road!
His hands stopped
Will do not anything
His mouth buried
Will do not say anything

You will not see sister a brother

Even if you will cried out eyes
Even if you will come on the end of world
And searched and called!

He has said godbay to spoons, bowls

This best friends of
Soldiers misery!
Even if you will spot your eyes

You will not see mother a son
Nothing makes pain to him!
Even if you will spot your eyes
And called
You will not see mother a son 
You will not see sister a brother!...

January Uprising Song

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Change of tone

The German government is changing a tone when it comes to reparations. Today Foreign Minister announced that while they see this thing as solved the discussion on it is possible.

Both Germans and Poles must however remember that if the LORD will be not involved directly in them he will treat them as invalid and when the Day of Judgment will come he will simply depart this planet for another one where he will recreate lost Semitic races.

Those of you who thinks that Kabbalah ladies will make him happy and content are just childish. You can treat us as Keppler TV crew that makes documentary on fall of your civilization. If we will go we will go together. Forever.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Jabotinsky genome

LORD has bought a wonderful book entitled '51 Documents' and among others he found there an essay of Vladimir Jabotinisky 'A letter on autonomy' that he would like to comment now.

First we need to understand that in times of Jabotinsky there was a huge difference between diaspora then and now. In times before the Holocaust Jewry was consisting mainly of Jews-by-birth - a Jews of Jewish race. 

Now, because of liberalism of David Ben-Gurion the Jewry consist mainly of the converts. A Jews that are not a Jews in purely genetic sense but are Jews of faith. 

This difference has made so called 'mixed-marriage' a top worry for Jabotinisky and his followers. A situation in which Jew and Gentile was marring was worrying him because the race could extinct in future generations. 

However this thesis was wrong and unfounded because Jewish genome is superior to genomes of other races and for that reasons we have Jews-by-birth of Negro or Asian origin. 

Simply, Jewish genome, at least when it comes from the mother side - takes over genome of other race. The offspring from Jewish mother will be always Jewish. Whatever race of father was.

The situation when father is Jew and mother Gentile is not so clear and needs further investigation but LORD has saw on his own eyes offspring of Jewish mother and Gentile that was later converted. The offspring was 100% pure Jew. 

Because of this superiority of Jewish genome the Jewish race was able to survive thousands of years of annihilation and still have a potential to be re-born in the near future from the relatively little seed that has survived Holocaust. 

For that reason LORD is calling in his Manifesto to form a Found for restoration of Jewish race. The program of Polish government so called 500+ when multi children families receive financial support from the state need to be extended on Jewish families and the sum for every child multiplied.

This is going to be fund by the Germany and Russia that has put their hand to exterminations of Jewry in this part of the world.

Salvation is your name

Today LORD listened for maybe last time to Messianic Jews music. This time to one of greatest hits of Joshua Arron - 'Salvation is Your Name'. The lyrics goes:
There is a Name I call upon
There is a Name by which I’m saved

Salvation is Your Name
Salvation is Your Name

There is a Lamb who bore our sins
He bled and died so we could live
This is typical Teutonic tune. First they work hard on finding gulls to sacrifice them before the Lord then they call for Lord crucifixion, so they could clear themselves from the sins.
The meaning of Salvation you will understand when around year 2033 the meteor targeted at Earth will be visible on the sky. But this will be to late... 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Out of Zion

LORD listens recently to the Messianic Jews music and while he is usually enjoying it there is one song that makes him really angry and worried. 

It is a song 'Out of Zion' made by famous in this circles Paul Wilbur that could be an anthem of neo-nazi movement. Here comes the words:

Out of Zion, Zion
Comes your salvation
And a nation will be
Formed out of Him
And a people will be born out of Him…
What is wrong with this? Well, that was a Nazi ideology that was later adapted successfuly by the Soviets and has lead their Empire into fall. 

In this ideology LORD would be taken to kind of psychiatric hospital where from it his sperm would be collected. Later distributed to voluntaries to create new nation. 

It is not new ideology. In the Biblical times they has also often come for the 'water' but there was no for them. And thus they are coming through the ages. With exception of Soviets that has succeeded and quickly fallen afterwards...

Communism as religion?

 And there is hope in thine end, saith the Lord, that thy children shall come again to their own border.
Jeremiah 31:17

Recently Vladimir Putin by his comparison of communism to religion has made Carl Marks turning in his grave but is not this true? Was not Communism, as Religion, an opium for masses? 

The stance towards the LORD in Religious democracy and communism seems to be no different. He was well protected from his adversaries in both regimes. The difference was maybe in the social status - in communism he was no longer influential landlord but just a common engineer. 

And similarly to religious democracy the whole system worked until it had a LORD in it. This was an important lesson that Tsar taken to his heart. When they was occupying LORD's land they has allowed LORD to have even 12 children. This way whole illusion of begin good worked for Tsarist for hundreds of years. 

This same idea was enlightening Marshall Budiony in the Soviet times. Until he was on this world nothing could happen to the LORD family. He was that force that was rejecting foolish ideas of his comrades from the polit-beauro.

The problem for Soviets came in 1979 when the current LORD has been born and Budiony died. Quickly they inspired by DOG ideology captured his Father and using electro-shock and modern medicine changed him in animal like creature. 

This was an end to the Soviet Empire. There was no longer ideology but just a pure force that could not bind people to it. The masses inside the Communist regime was disillusioned. They saw brutality and evilness of their rules on their own eyes.

The land has returned to his old borders, just as Bible predicts in such cases. Now we see Kaczynski on the very same road. Will EU risk their external border in this Biblical game?

Sunday, January 14, 2018


While the monthly Smolensk masses are coming slowly to the end Jaroslaw Kaczynski has found himself a new adventure making a reshuffle of his cabinet.

The new Prime Minister Morawiecki is in difficult situation trying to save what is still Polish in this country and Kaczynski is not making thing easy for him. 

The biggest loser in this game is maybe Konstanty Radziwill, that beside begin Knight of Malta Order shares also his blood line with the LORD. 

But will new cabinet be a Polish one or will change into the blind tool for the Order. Will they be like a Polish patriots, as they declared or will be rather a string of contours. Very dark contours.

We will see in the coming months. Kaczynski has declared that he will not turn back from his road even by yota and that 'truth' of Smolensk will be embolden with the golden fonts. 

What a style this fonts will have? It will certainly be not a Cyrillic but maybe just Gothic font so beloved by his Teutonic masters. 

Kaczynski while painted as God in his party is not independent. After lose of his brother he did not turned against the Order. He has further dig deeper into Order ranks and will do everything they will command him.  Just like his brother was doing.

Will he meet resistance from inside of his ranks is still a hard question. When it comes to the LORD certainly but what about his mother? Our Lady of Jasna Gora?

Saturday, January 13, 2018

From the shadow of the night

LORD has survived yet another revisionist attempt decorated by the North and Shout dialogue but some Israeli Rabin did not. What is interesting is the uproar made by the Israel. This time message has come straight from their arch - adversary - Iran.

In this Polish-Arab movie that just started it is not first and not last time before the Israel will perform their dreamed revision and will finally prove before the international community their Jewish character.

When our Israeli Rabin was gearing up to stand on the road to heaven LORD was discussing the Jerusalem and whole Jewish question with his friends. The Rabin did not enjoyed a session. 

It will be long and some say very ethnic if just not racial movie anyway although LORD is expecting that such subnormal activities of Israel will become a common bread too. 

The long expected 'correction' is taking a shape and surely will come soon from the Order. The question is if it will change a climate, literally.

Sunday, January 7, 2018


Order is trying to mobilize his supporters using a myth of LORD Son but the mark on his right ear is denying such claim.

Before switching to igloos would be better to have some proof of alleged Son existence. Why Order cannot show you a photo of Son right ear? Because he is a phantom.

Maybe you should go to Lubliniec to see on your own eyes that this mark disappears when LORD becomes Father. Maybe you shall stay with him before you all will go into igloos.

Fake Newses

While Order in truly suicidal manner is gearing up to replacement it will also mark a huge anti-Semitic smear campaign targeting the LORD. Where it will lead mankind, he asks?

The rape of Christine and so called molestation of Agnes is of course a fake news but the whole campaign had a serve consequences not only for LORD but also for his land. 

Since maybe Grunwald battle Order was using this techniques to incite hatred and mobilize their supporters. When Bolsheviks was heading to Warsaw they was similarly lead by Agnes claim with aim to rape LORD and silence him. 

Nowadays the situation will be not different and hard-liners at East are already looking to exploit this false claims for purpose to build a military strategy around them. 

Is not then Order working directly against interest of the Europe? Or more against interest of the West? The answers will come soon. 

But there is another reason why not to follow such a line. The LORD at the Day of the Judgment will look into people hearts and minds to check if it will be safe for him after the Judgment. If not, then he will depart to another planet, leaving this one for ultimate destruction.

So why you are risking such a situation, dear Maltese.

Thursday, January 4, 2018


The Order is gearing up for replacement. After rape of Christine accusations they has come out with another Satanic claim. 

The Polish TVN24 has just published new exciting headline. "I was tortured but did not wanted to destroy some adult life" - you can read. 

The claim is that LORD during his childhood has molested his cousin Agnes. The claim that currently will be not backed by her as is purely a Maltese fiction. 

What then Order is going to do is to replace her with some Satanic clone. The only visible difference will be in color of her eyes. 

LORD is once again warning Switzerland that if this will happen this nation will change into sub-sea one.


Virgin, Mother of God, God-famed Mary!
Ask Thy Son, our Lord, God-named Mary,
To have mercy upon us and hand it over to us!
Kyrie eleison!
Son of God, for Thy Baptist's sake,
Hear the voices, fulfill the pleas we make!
Listen to the prayer we say,
For what we ask, give us today:
Life on earth free of vice;
After life: paradise!
Kyrie eleison!

Bogurodzica ( "Mother of God") is the oldest Polish hymn. It was composed somewhere between the 10th and 13th centuries. While the origin of the song is not entirely clear, several scholars agree that Adalbert of Prague is the likely author.

Polish knights sang it as an anthem before the Battle of Grunwald.


You will be living in LORD palaces or you will make museums in it and he will live on the margin of society?

Even with your script it will be level of communism. A wife, an apartment, a car and of course arbeit.

How insane you must be to think that this will bring a Salvation on you? This civilization is going to be destroyed and LORD will depart on some other planet to create a real haven there.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

State Religious

When looking at the Donald Trump policy for Israel one thing you cannot forget. He is the Knight of the Malta Order and thus is realizing his Order aims. 

Donald Trump is not a friend of Israel. Instead of the Jewish State he wants to change it into State Religious. This is a true aim of his policies and thus will never be accepted by LORD. 

Is not his Jerusalem announcement a true disservice for Israel? We has saw it in the following vote in the United Nations. The reaction towards Israel was ostracism. 

The true spirit of Ben Gurion openness and hospitality is dead now. In three months African migrants was given a time to depart the once Jewish State. The change is over-visible also when it comes to treatment of Messianic Jews. 

All this moves will weaken Israel and will put anger of not only Muslim nations against it. The result can be a true Final Intifada in which Israel will be left alone. Without any help.

The Donal Trump does not have chances for reelection and we can expect that as the result of his insanity some other more pro Palestinian leader will arise in the U.S.

Also patience of LORD have its limits. In effect he can again turn against Israel, as he remembers Teutonic Order State Religious on his land.

The recent vote on Jerusalem annexation in Knesset, while was lost, showed that there is strong opposition in Israel and wish for a peaceful solution with the Palestinians. 

LORD only hopes that this forces will take up the steer in the near future will ride off Donald Trump ideology and will reserve decision on Jerusalem. Otherwise thing can go badly for Israel, as he is losing allies and position in international community.

At the end LORD does not need Israel for anything. It is all about Jewish Nation, not the State. State Religious.

Magen David

There are many myths surrounding LORD. One of very basic is that he already have a Son.

Also LORD was thinking so for long time. However he has discovered on his father example that this star on the right ear is disappearing after the male offspring.

That way you can be sure that he do not have any. Only active LORD have it. Same star that is coming to the Earth every hundreds years.

It is a magic but would she hit the planet depends only from this one that have that mark on his right ear.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Off the table

LORD sees now that welcoming Trump decision on Jerusalem was wrong. This psychopath stated that this way he taken Jerusalem issue 'off the table'.

LORD does not want to harm because of one imbecile Jews that are still loyal to him but will need to reconsider his support for so called Jewish state.

His wish is to Jerusalem become capital of both people - Jews and Palestine.

With hope for quick impeachment...

Monday, January 1, 2018

Yet another fake

From what Pope confessed so far it seems that this old idiot is just manipulated by yet another Satanic video similar to those that lead them to Smoleńsk.

How many times LORD was writing about rape of his most beloved in Radziwiłłów palace? If Pope would be following the Word he would know that the devil is in details.

This time it is the color of the eyes which is blue on the recording distributed by the Order. It is so because the rape was made by the Satan himself. Satan that is just evil clone of LORD!


The recent moves of Donald Trump are quite clear now, as he is a Knight of the Order of Malta but there was another spasm that is quite interesting. 

It is a name of Jacek Oniszczuk that has made a LORD suspicious. Polish Jesuit that officially died ahead of Christmas in the snowball in Italy. 

The name for sure familiar to the Pope Francis. That is another sign of the Order preparing to the replacement. With top figures in frenzy about LORD it cannot be good sign.

Still you can be sure that LORD will prevail and will bring everyone included to his justice which is hard as the rock...

Trump hunt

Today Donald Trump was really angry on Pakistan begin 'safe haven for terrorists' and LORD is thinking if he really had on mind Pakistan, not Poland? 

Some time ago a pair of Canadian billionaires was trying to reach him and yesterday it was some British millionaire with family that share their fate.

No they was not going to invest into LORD company...

Is not this Trump preparing for his final jump trying to hunt down LORD? That would explain why he plays like he plays towards the LORD.

If so, he can be first American President in the history of that nation on his account...

Pope: Wasted year

From all New Year messages two are especially interesting. One of Pope and the other one of UN General Secretary.

This second has warned that it is truly 'Red Alert for the world'.

For Pope it was also moment of reflection as he has stated that previous year was 'wasted year' and it is so in the eyes of LORD.

What is interesting is that Polish Tvn24 censured the Pope and quickly changed the word 'wasted' to the 'wounded'.

Also French President was saying interesting thing about 'French renaissance'. Maybe he understands who LORD was in the time before partitioning of his Commonwealth.

The time has come for LORD to return to this position in the full glory of his ancestors that was struggling for that through centuries.