Friday, January 26, 2018

Danger to the world

During a summit in Davos Jewish (sic!) Banker Georeg Soros has called Trump a 'danger to the world'. Was he only thinking about Trump or rather about the LORD? 

That is true that on the Day of the Judgment when LORD will decide to leave this planet he will destroy entire civilization on it. Thus is no strange that some has started to think about the way to contain it. 

And with the help as usual Malta Order is comming with their script. The idea is simple, let replace the LORD with his Son that will be more susceptible to the influence. 

So, as they did on Atlantis they want to rape the LORD with some girl called Ola and if this will not work with Agnes. It is all in the script and it must fail. 

Why? For first because according to the New Covenant this way they would dissolve the Jewish nation forever and for second because this way they would repeat the fate of Atlantis. 

LORD offspring would be to immature to rule on the world when the Day of the Judgment would come in 2033 thus the meteor would strike them sending most of the Switzerland under the water. 

What is worrying that beside our rapist conspiracy there is no positive thinking on how to convince LORD to stay on Earth. This is something that LORD will remember them when the Day of the Judgment will come.

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