Sunday, January 7, 2018

Fake Newses

While Order in truly suicidal manner is gearing up to replacement it will also mark a huge anti-Semitic smear campaign targeting the LORD. Where it will lead mankind, he asks?

The rape of Christine and so called molestation of Agnes is of course a fake news but the whole campaign had a serve consequences not only for LORD but also for his land. 

Since maybe Grunwald battle Order was using this techniques to incite hatred and mobilize their supporters. When Bolsheviks was heading to Warsaw they was similarly lead by Agnes claim with aim to rape LORD and silence him. 

Nowadays the situation will be not different and hard-liners at East are already looking to exploit this false claims for purpose to build a military strategy around them. 

Is not then Order working directly against interest of the Europe? Or more against interest of the West? The answers will come soon. 

But there is another reason why not to follow such a line. The LORD at the Day of the Judgment will look into people hearts and minds to check if it will be safe for him after the Judgment. If not, then he will depart to another planet, leaving this one for ultimate destruction.

So why you are risking such a situation, dear Maltese.

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