Saturday, January 13, 2018

From the shadow of the night

LORD has survived yet another revisionist attempt decorated by the North and Shout dialogue but some Israeli Rabin did not. What is interesting is the uproar made by the Israel. This time message has come straight from their arch - adversary - Iran.

In this Polish-Arab movie that just started it is not first and not last time before the Israel will perform their dreamed revision and will finally prove before the international community their Jewish character.

When our Israeli Rabin was gearing up to stand on the road to heaven LORD was discussing the Jerusalem and whole Jewish question with his friends. The Rabin did not enjoyed a session. 

It will be long and some say very ethnic if just not racial movie anyway although LORD is expecting that such subnormal activities of Israel will become a common bread too. 

The long expected 'correction' is taking a shape and surely will come soon from the Order. The question is if it will change a climate, literally.

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