Sunday, January 28, 2018

Holy Spirit

May their star of prosperity
Never goes off,

The phantom son returned after LORD strategized on future of Earth but still no proof has been delivered of his existence. Basically it is a rumor spread by Order to further close their ranks before new offensive.

LORD see a star on his right ear that shall disappear when real Son would come on the Earth but it is not a case there.

The fools of Order does not think of future of this planet they just rush to execute their script that will make Wrath of God unstoppable. They act very irresponsible by speeding this rumor as the consequences will be grave for the whole civilization.

That is why you need to ask them for a proof whenever you hear about LORD son. The photo of his right ear shall be enough but the Order is not able to provide it. Because LORD son is just a rumor. A phantom.

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