Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Jabotinsky genome

LORD has bought a wonderful book entitled '51 Documents' and among others he found there an essay of Vladimir Jabotinisky 'A letter on autonomy' that he would like to comment now.

First we need to understand that in times of Jabotinsky there was a huge difference between diaspora then and now. In times before the Holocaust Jewry was consisting mainly of Jews-by-birth - a Jews of Jewish race. 

Now, because of liberalism of David Ben-Gurion the Jewry consist mainly of the converts. A Jews that are not a Jews in purely genetic sense but are Jews of faith. 

This difference has made so called 'mixed-marriage' a top worry for Jabotinisky and his followers. A situation in which Jew and Gentile was marring was worrying him because the race could extinct in future generations. 

However this thesis was wrong and unfounded because Jewish genome is superior to genomes of other races and for that reasons we have Jews-by-birth of Negro or Asian origin. 

Simply, Jewish genome, at least when it comes from the mother side - takes over genome of other race. The offspring from Jewish mother will be always Jewish. Whatever race of father was.

The situation when father is Jew and mother Gentile is not so clear and needs further investigation but LORD has saw on his own eyes offspring of Jewish mother and Gentile that was later converted. The offspring was 100% pure Jew. 

Because of this superiority of Jewish genome the Jewish race was able to survive thousands of years of annihilation and still have a potential to be re-born in the near future from the relatively little seed that has survived Holocaust. 

For that reason LORD is calling in his Manifesto to form a Found for restoration of Jewish race. The program of Polish government so called 500+ when multi children families receive financial support from the state need to be extended on Jewish families and the sum for every child multiplied.

This is going to be fund by the Germany and Russia that has put their hand to exterminations of Jewry in this part of the world.

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