Sunday, January 28, 2018

Keppler strategy

The LORD has said that if he will depart this planet on the Day of Judgment he will do this forever. What this does mean in practice?

LORD have actually two strategies draw for this time. In one he would hit the planet Earth with several meteors to freeze all human and animal life there. Completely.

This operation would only crocodiles survive as they can hibernate. Then the Earth would be left for millions of years to recreate dinosaurs life and then be eventually recolonized by us again.

In the other variant he will crash the meteor only once or two giving the people chance to survive. This way he would destroy current civilization sending it back to Ice Age and neutralising all dangers it could pose to Keppler colony.

Eventually he would then return to Earth after advancing Keppler to reach Cold Fusion era. Then military conquest would be performed ridding the surface of Earth from all racial enemies.

This is a strategy that LORD can take on the Day of Judgment as leaders of this planet and general population not grown to hold constructive dialogue on the future of Earth. Mother Earth.

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