Monday, January 15, 2018

Out of Zion

LORD listens recently to the Messianic Jews music and while he is usually enjoying it there is one song that makes him really angry and worried. 

It is a song 'Out of Zion' made by famous in this circles Paul Wilbur that could be an anthem of neo-nazi movement. Here comes the words:

Out of Zion, Zion
Comes your salvation
And a nation will be
Formed out of Him
And a people will be born out of Him…
What is wrong with this? Well, that was a Nazi ideology that was later adapted successfuly by the Soviets and has lead their Empire into fall. 

In this ideology LORD would be taken to kind of psychiatric hospital where from it his sperm would be collected. Later distributed to voluntaries to create new nation. 

It is not new ideology. In the Biblical times they has also often come for the 'water' but there was no for them. And thus they are coming through the ages. With exception of Soviets that has succeeded and quickly fallen afterwards...

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