Sunday, January 14, 2018


While the monthly Smolensk masses are coming slowly to the end Jaroslaw Kaczynski has found himself a new adventure making a reshuffle of his cabinet.

The new Prime Minister Morawiecki is in difficult situation trying to save what is still Polish in this country and Kaczynski is not making thing easy for him. 

The biggest loser in this game is maybe Konstanty Radziwill, that beside begin Knight of Malta Order shares also his blood line with the LORD. 

But will new cabinet be a Polish one or will change into the blind tool for the Order. Will they be like a Polish patriots, as they declared or will be rather a string of contours. Very dark contours.

We will see in the coming months. Kaczynski has declared that he will not turn back from his road even by yota and that 'truth' of Smolensk will be embolden with the golden fonts. 

What a style this fonts will have? It will certainly be not a Cyrillic but maybe just Gothic font so beloved by his Teutonic masters. 

Kaczynski while painted as God in his party is not independent. After lose of his brother he did not turned against the Order. He has further dig deeper into Order ranks and will do everything they will command him.  Just like his brother was doing.

Will he meet resistance from inside of his ranks is still a hard question. When it comes to the LORD certainly but what about his mother? Our Lady of Jasna Gora?

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