Wednesday, January 3, 2018

State Religious

When looking at the Donald Trump policy for Israel one thing you cannot forget. He is the Knight of the Malta Order and thus is realizing his Order aims. 

Donald Trump is not a friend of Israel. Instead of the Jewish State he wants to change it into State Religious. This is a true aim of his policies and thus will never be accepted by LORD. 

Is not his Jerusalem announcement a true disservice for Israel? We has saw it in the following vote in the United Nations. The reaction towards Israel was ostracism. 

The true spirit of Ben Gurion openness and hospitality is dead now. In three months African migrants was given a time to depart the once Jewish State. The change is over-visible also when it comes to treatment of Messianic Jews. 

All this moves will weaken Israel and will put anger of not only Muslim nations against it. The result can be a true Final Intifada in which Israel will be left alone. Without any help.

The Donal Trump does not have chances for reelection and we can expect that as the result of his insanity some other more pro Palestinian leader will arise in the U.S.

Also patience of LORD have its limits. In effect he can again turn against Israel, as he remembers Teutonic Order State Religious on his land.

The recent vote on Jerusalem annexation in Knesset, while was lost, showed that there is strong opposition in Israel and wish for a peaceful solution with the Palestinians. 

LORD only hopes that this forces will take up the steer in the near future will ride off Donald Trump ideology and will reserve decision on Jerusalem. Otherwise thing can go badly for Israel, as he is losing allies and position in international community.

At the end LORD does not need Israel for anything. It is all about Jewish Nation, not the State. State Religious.

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