Saturday, January 27, 2018

Tillerson in Warsaw

We won't let Poland's name be crushed
We won't go alive into coffin
In Poland's name, in her praise
We lift our heads in pride
Grandson regaining his forefathers' land

Trump right hand is visiting Warsaw. Ahead of meeting with Kaczyński he has paid a tribute to Jews murdered in Holocaust. Quite symbolic gesture.

Why he is meeting this mystical brother? Asked for he replied that wants to  know what other side thinks. Well, Kaczyński already stated that will not  retreat by single yota from this road. Road of Smolensk revenge.

But LORD on this anniversary of liberation of Auschwitz is thinking about something else. They already knows what a danger he poses to this civilization and are plotting a response.

The rape with Ola or Agnes will fail just as its encoded in their script but we will see the evil. We see also neutral force waiting for Amanda as for the Salvation but where is positive one?

A force that marked progress for Mickiewicz, Pilsudski or Mikołajczyk. A force that facilated their success. A force that made them famous among the nations. Where it is now?

The LORD since II World War stayed in the shadow begin completely unknown and anonymous. How it can be? Where is that crucial force missing? Not in places like Auschwitz?

Where are now his people you can then ask. Are not they waiting for him in the Heaven. On the planet Keppler?

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