Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Free Book: Kabbalah 33 publishes a preview of their first book. The book is entitled ‘Kabbalah 33’ and is a guide to this mysterious Jewish science.

This book explains a phenomenon of Messianic Jews that each day are growing in numbers and consisting now of almost a million members.

Kabbalah itself is centered around the Messiah that one day is supposed to come back to Israel. The featured book gives an in-depth description of the Messiah and the New Covenant that he has concluded with his people in the Holy Bible.

In addition, it brings up a controversy surrounding the figure of Jesus Christ and gives answers to why Jews do not accept him as the Son of God.

“We want to present a real Kabbalah to the general public, explaining why it is of high importance to the humanity and telling about the impact it could have on our lives” – declares the author.

In further chapters many questions regarding the secret Teutonic Order, the greatest enemy of the Lord, will be brought to attention of the readers. It will also contain a feminine element – descriptions of each lady appearing in Kabbalah.

If you are interested to read more on the story surrounding the Messiah, our God and Savior, please visit and download a free copy of the book’s preview edition.

On 14 – 19 February it will also be available for free to Kindle readers through Amazon store.

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