Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Introduction to Kabbalah

The growing number of Messianic Jews is a concern to the State of Israel. As these people say, the only thing they want is the return of the Messiah they call Yeshua to Israel. Who is the Messiah?

Wikipedia says that the Messiah “is a savior or liberator of a group of people, more specifically, the Jewish people”. In other words, the Messiah is the Lord, God of Israel, that you all must know from the Holy Bible. A living God.

He is promised in the Bible to be revealed to the world, and Messianic Jews are counting on it. Many bind his presence to the times preceding the end of the world. And it is correct. The Messiah is supposed to save not only Jewish people but the whole mankind on the Day of Judgment.

The worst possible outcome would be if he will decide not to save us. But his believers don’t even think about such possibility. In their songs they are praising his mercy, hoping God won’t betray them and won’t annihilate an entire civilization.

The Messiah, or the Lord, is the central character not only in Messianic Judaism and Christianity but also in the teachings of Kabbalah. But in Kabbalah you can also find out about the Order opposing him and operating the ancient Script – the heart of Kabbalah.

This script features variety of events that the Messiah will find on his way during his life. Usually it is related to romances in which he engages and always having negative consequences for him. In the end the Order simply wants to crucify him and in most cases is successful in that.

The crucifixion of Jesus Christ was probably the most dramatic one in the history of mankind, partly because Jews played a central role in it, but in practice it happens every generation.

And precisely on that Script and the crucifixion done by the Order we want to concentrate attention in our upcoming book – Kabbalah 33. We will describe each event that leads to this fatal end for the Lord.

If you are looking for mystical malarkey, you won’t find it in our book. It is based completely on facts from the life of the Messiah that is supposed to become an antidote for the poison of the Order’s Script.

The wisdom of Kabbalah, which is common for Judaism, was passed by word of mouth from generations to generations. Unfortunately, this eternal cycle has been broken by the Holocaust and we have decided to revive this mystical science and write a complete guide to it in our book. And we want to present you the preview edition of this book for absolutely free.

If you are interested in the story of the Lord, our Messiah and Savior, you cannot miss it. Please download our book from http://asam.tech and prepare the world for His coming for He shall come. One day.

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