Saturday, February 3, 2018

Lungs of Mars

Remembering a pneumonia of King Abdullah II Lord was thinking what would happen if the Palace would decide to enforce such Martian strategy on him. This was a reason why LORD committed suicide on Mars. Would he do same here?

The difference is that on Earth LORD is aware of the effect it would have on the planet therefore he would never repeat such scenario but this does not mean it is safe for the Palace to enforce it here. 

What would be a response of the LORD if they would force him to have a Son this way? You could be surprised but he would agree and would make a Son as they wish. Why?

Because it is too late for such solution. Such a Son would be too immature to make Judgment on the Day. He would need to hibernate on his Nest and the Earthly civilization would be crushed by the Meteor. 

The truth is that in such a time a Son is not a solution at all. He will not help them to doge God's Wrath because would be simply too young.

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