Sunday, February 4, 2018

Machinery of Truth

Rose Thun is right when says that 'today in Poland fascism is begin born'. The words of Kaczynski that he made on occasion of Israeli-IPN crisis are only another proof. 

Kaczynski said that 'Truth will not defend itself alone. We need to create mechanism and we are in process of creating such machinery, that will be defending this truth'. 

The problem is only what you will call a truth. They are right in Israel when they say that Poland want to whitewash the history but the problem is going deeper to the seed. The Poles want to replace a LORD role in Holocaust. They want to remove it completely. 

And this is a core of the story of Holocaust. To be able to replace and minimize LORD influence Nazi needed to remove the memory of him from the surface of the Earth. And that memory was a living memory thus concentration camps has been created. 

Nowadays LORD influence after the Holocaust is minimal as Nazi could expect. Therefore Kaczynski in his machinery does not need to create such large scale concentration camps. The psychiatric hospitals and prisons shall be enough to complete Nazi task. 

There is no accident that the words of Kaczynski has come in such time. They using meeting of top spies of America and Russia prepared another revisionist attempt. The fruit - son of Fidel Castro - came on the morning. But how could it be successful in the time of the Day of Judgment...

rawda nie obroni się sama, trzeba stworzyć mechanizm i właśnie jesteśmy w trakcie tworzenia takiej machiny, która będzie broniła tej prawdy

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