Saturday, February 17, 2018

Old Age

The situation did not changed even by single yota and LORD is more and more often looking into the sky thinking about departing this forsaken planet called Earth.

There are voices somewhere there that because of Kabbalah ladies he will change a mind. Once will fall into the love he will no longer think about departing the planet. 

But the truth is that young age is long behind the Lord and you will find no affection in him anytime longer. Nina and he are of same age, nearly 40thy. 

Adolescence is far behind them and while they love to spend a rest of life together there is no place for crazines of youth age. It comes to late to have any impact on the Lord and his decision to left the planet Earth. 

Moreover, the Lord is thinking that such a trip to Keppler will be also interesting for his ladies, as he is able to rejuvenate them there. He can bring a second youth to them. Literally.

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