Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Identity crisis

The reaction of former Israeli Defense Minister on attainment of Bolton by Donald Trump is maybe not so obvious clue in the investigation on fatal stabbing of some Holocaust Survivor in Paris but somehow works on the imagination. 

Bolton, as we was told, was making direct requests for Israel to attack Iran. Aren't this just a calls for Israel to attack Lord? We will see.

Many are still waiting for their telegram from the bank of the Seine river but the news will not come anytime soon. 

But this incident told Lord something about modern Israel. Israel that beside signing wonderful songs do nothing to change Lord situation and the Lord suspects it is so because they are supposed to be created as ultimate tool for the Lord crucifixion.

At least many would be willing to see such repeat of Christ case done by Jewish hands. But as long as there is no real heir that will not happen. What could, is the departure of the Lord. But this is another story.

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