Thursday, March 1, 2018

Woman slavery

The PiS is progressing with their 'Arbeit und Brot' strategy and we are nearing a point in with LORD will meet Amanda. For some at Vatican it was again an occasion to voice out hidden antisemitism.

The Pope recently spoke against Church enslaving sometimes a woman. Well it is truly the Church not the Lord.

For the second it is not simple choice. He has agreed to play his role only because otherwise Amanda would be slain or rather poisoned by the Church's Order.
You can be sure that it will be a time of great discomfort for both 'lovers' just as on this not so famous Witkacy painting.

But this does not explain why the Pope is stepping up into just antisemitism building up campaign for Manowski - Amanda's Bolshevik liberator.

If you cannot do anything dear Pope is sometimes better to not speak up on the topic. As they say words are silver but silence is a gold.

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