Monday, April 23, 2018

Bottle of doom

Kaczynski and more general Smolensk families vendetta continues. Today they has called Donald Tusk for court hearing in the case.

What if this crash was not natural but was just one big mystification of Teutonic crusade? If so, who is guilty of what?

As you know from the New Covenant the Lord could not be crucifixed because all other Jews would stop to be a Jews forever. They would stop to be a nation, forever. 

And so, the shells was coming truly from the Jewish hearts. This was not matter of personal defense but rather a national one. The effect impressive, but can anyone be blamed for defending the Jewish nation?

Instead they shall look behind their own backs. Somebody has arranged murder of Czesia Okinska in Amsterdam. Somebody was spreading this accusations so other has followed this dark Smolensk's path.

But then you will discover Malta Order of what most of the crusaders was members. Members like Jaroslaw Kaczynski...

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