Saturday, April 7, 2018

Memento Smolensk

In Poland and Hungary they are gearing up for official anniversary of Smolensk crash. They want to unveil a monument at the Pilsudski square. Also Lord is recalling this time and that events that lead to the fatal catastrophe. 

Why he and Czesia Okinska is still guilty in eyes of Kaczynski. Guilty of what? Of falling to the unverified rumor that he has murdered her? Like it was since the Mickiewicz's Switezianka? 

That is a matter of the Malta Order or Polish culture if you prefer. Before the ages in such trap fallen Tsarist forces and it is irony of the history that this time so called Elite of Poland fallen into it. 

Czesia is truly like on this old photography. Semi-transparent. It is part of our culture and if Kaczynski want to find a guilty of that he needs to fight up with memories of Mickiewicz, Pilsudski and Witkacy. Will he win this fight time will show.

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