Sunday, April 29, 2018

Morawiecki five

NASA just warned that 5 meteors will flyby near planet Earth. Can you imagine that it could be only LORD will if one of them would hit the planet? It is a case of the year of the judgment - 2033.

The problem is that for him the Earth is just a Planet A and there are plenty of candidates to become Planet B. What are doing authorities then? They are wasting a time with the applaud from the uneducated societies.  

To get a positive judgment will not be easy. LORD is judging whole time since the last judgment in 1933. The time of Holocaust, Communism and his years on this planet. 

And he does not hide that the judgment will be negative. Instead of turning the meteor from his way, he will depart the planet once granted access to his mystical ship. 

The truth is that LORD has many time turned his hand towards the population but each time he was doing this he was rejected. On beginning of May he will open his hand for the last time.

The authorities thinks that they have a lot of time but the truth is that to convince the LORD deep system changes must be made and that is time consuming task. The changes must be permanent in nature. If this civilization wants to be saved it needs to change. Deeply.

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