Sunday, April 8, 2018

Weighting souls

Hitler regime was smarter that Kaczynski is. They has been waiting with their campaign until the year 1933. The year of the judgment.

Kaczynski has chosen year 2018 - fifteen years ahead - for culmination of his Smolensk cult. The Lord is safe and will be looking at that.

When the day of judgment will come he will look into hearths and souls of all the people to check if it will be still safe for him. If not then obviously he will depart this planet for another one. That thing is certain.

It is strange that other nations are so soft in the spite of raise of this fascist ideology in Poland. Do they as the Lord feel secure? If so they are in big mistake.

The Smolensk cult did not stopped and cased. It has been fortified and is growing each year thanks to the effort of ruling party.

It shall be a number one priority for the world leaders to break it and eradicate from people hearths before it will be too late. Too late for the whole globe.

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