Sunday, May 27, 2018

Rape of Poland

Instead of reflection Lord observed that his opponents again are distributing lies of him begin raped Christine. It was of course impossible because he was at that time in Brussels struggling with Smolensk crusade.

It is interesting especially that same people now blaming him are fully responsible for organizing this event and yes they are still in Radziwill palace.

Video that this persons are distributing is yet another fake. It features not Lord but Satan that is his clone of blue eyes.

The pair will meet after years and everything will be clear again and the faulty ones will be punished...

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

[Video] Past Century

This time LORD is giving short introduction to the Judgment and reflects on the past century.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

We will not allow

Today President Duda that is occupying Radziwill Palace has stated that will not allow to treat Jews differently from Poles when it comes to returning stolen during Holocaust and communism Jewish properties. 

It cannot be as President Trump expect that some Israeli group will claim the rights to the heritage of 3 millions Polish Jews but this issue must be handled correctly before the time of the Judgment. 

The Lord is expecting that both Poles, Germans and Russians will compensate him and the remaining Jews loses we have endured during Holocaust. This is of top priorities in his Manifesto. 

Alternative is just crashing this civilization and departing it forever. Dear squaters. 

Erdogan comparision

Turkish Erdogan has publicly criticized Israel saying that they are using a methods that once Nazi used against the Jews. This is important comparison also in the debate of what a role this state shall have in the Jewry.

The Lord is not hiding that is deeply disappointed not only by how Israel is treating him but also of how it is treating Palestinian nation. 

The comparison looking on the status quo of Gaza is very correct. They - Israeli - has created even worse ghetto that Nazi did in Warsaw. Now, not looking on the international criticism are killing civilians protesting on their borders. Hundreds of them, so far. 

The Lord is reminding Israeli that his Judgment will be announced in just 15 years in Jerusalem that he wish to be shared capital of both people.

Royal weeding

Almost 3 billions people on the planet Earth are watching thanks to the television royal weeding in United Kingdom.

It is a really sad day for all the Kabbalah ladies waiting patiently in line to meet the Lord. 

We have lost our palaces, our dignity and there is no progress on the returning it to us. We will wait patiently then, together. Waiting for departure from this forsaken planet. Where it will be as it shall be, forever...

Sunday, May 13, 2018

March of Freedom

Yesterday opposition organized manifestation in Warsaw. There would be nothing interesting in it if not the logo. 

On it you can spot adult in EU t-shirt with his son on his arms. Was this yet another message to the Lord and people?

If he is a Father since at least 16 years nothing good will come for him. And what kind of freedom this people are fighting for.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Mission Keppler

Well. It's almost official. Mission Keppler will start on 12th May 2018 in Warsaw. 

Why through double p? Dear George would explain you that it would not be a nice for current planet. 

At the end of this 15 years preparations to colonize Kepler or any other habitable planet this one will be taken over by the very long winter. A true Ice Age...

Monday, May 7, 2018

West on Alert

Day ahead of Putin inauguration Polish TVN24 has published article entitled 'West on Alert'. The article has been later removed but a signal received. 

On illustration attached on main page you could spot some lady posed as Our Lady. And that was not an accident. Also on that night LORD received message from the Presidential Palace. 

They are now focused on Raga twins and million dollars for him, forgetting that before that will happen they will murder and replace his mother. This is a part of their Maltese Script. 

But the replacements will not only touch Lord family. Also some of the world leaders will be replaced. Therefore author of this article correctly compared our time to this one from before Holocaust and II World War. He is pointing the finger and see raise of another dictators in this part of the world.

But does Kaczynski patriots think where will lead them and their country such replacements to be made soon?

Sunday, May 6, 2018

On Marxism

Today Pope Francis correctly criticized Karl Marx from denying dependence of the man from the God. This is true especially in the context of the Judgment of God but does a communists treated Lord differently that nowadays? 

The atheistic from ideology they was also trying to deny the LORD existence but begin catch in mystical Kabbalah they was also not able to do anything against him.At least until he had a Son.

Therefore observing the impact he have on the common people they treated him not so bad wishing him a future of engineer. The cardinal mistake they made when the Son was born costed them an Empire but LORD doubt if that Biblical 'border game' has teach them anything.

And does it mean that in capitalism he is treated differently? The answer is no. There is no difference between communism and capitalist treatment of the Lord. This time it will not cost them an Empire but just a planet...

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Malta Order

The Malta Order has chosen his Grand Master and it is a point in which they will start to plot to continue their ancient scripture. However LORD already warned them that it can mean a point of no return for whole civilization. 

The scripture features murdering and replacement of Our Lady and that is not possible to accept by the LORD. This move will simply in consequences mark end of the civilization as we know. 

It is fully in the hands of Master of Malta Order to avoid such dead end and find a way to continue scripture without this point.