Sunday, May 6, 2018

On Marxism

Today Pope Francis correctly criticized Karl Marx from denying dependence of the man from the God. This is true especially in the context of the Judgment of God but does a communists treated Lord differently that nowadays? 

The atheistic from ideology they was also trying to deny the LORD existence but begin catch in mystical Kabbalah they was also not able to do anything against him.At least until he had a Son.

Therefore observing the impact he have on the common people they treated him not so bad wishing him a future of engineer. The cardinal mistake they made when the Son was born costed them an Empire but LORD doubt if that Biblical 'border game' has teach them anything.

And does it mean that in capitalism he is treated differently? The answer is no. There is no difference between communism and capitalist treatment of the Lord. This time it will not cost them an Empire but just a planet...

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