Monday, May 7, 2018

West on Alert

Day ahead of Putin inauguration Polish TVN24 has published article entitled 'West on Alert'. The article has been later removed but a signal received. 

On illustration attached on main page you could spot some lady posed as Our Lady. And that was not an accident. Also on that night LORD received message from the Presidential Palace. 

They are now focused on Raga twins and million dollars for him, forgetting that before that will happen they will murder and replace his mother. This is a part of their Maltese Script. 

But the replacements will not only touch Lord family. Also some of the world leaders will be replaced. Therefore author of this article correctly compared our time to this one from before Holocaust and II World War. He is pointing the finger and see raise of another dictators in this part of the world.

But does Kaczynski patriots think where will lead them and their country such replacements to be made soon?

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