Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Get Litwa...

Today some pranksters called Lord British phone number and transmitted into his ears a song that started from the words "Get Litwa and hit a stars". 

The prankster had in mind a next move in the Scripture in which Lord joins Amanda that is now in Radziwill palace. In addition he is going to receive one million dollars for a decent future.

On first look it seems to be great deal, if not twin sisters called Ragas. According to the deal, the Lord will begets a black son with one of them. The other one will be killed. 

And here is a point that someone that called this company number did not realize. Lord to avoid dead end of the second of Raga sister from two years is trying to raise money for his company to avoid this deadly deal.

The effect? It is bellow the zero, as the temperature that will soon overtake a globe.

Like with this Ragga's sisters dilemma there was another way but this robotic society is able only to execute their ancient Scripture. And the Lord is understanding this well wishing for another civilization that will finally deliver a true freedom to him and his worshipers.

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