Wednesday, June 6, 2018

On European Union

Today Polish press was talking about EU officials intensifying punishment process for Poland and Lord wanted to add his two cents to the debate.

Is this really so bad in Poland that EU needs to punish whole nation for wrongdoings of few? Was not more reasonable to wait for a moment when punishment will be really deserved. Playing so early such cards is not wise.

When decades ago Lord joined campaign to enlarge EU by Poland he was in illusion. He though that by joining this camp they in Brussels will use their position to help him, his case and the nation.

Instead of this he has received very bad treatment and was imprisoned in heart of EU. Officials did nothing to change his situation and he will remember them that when will make his judgment on the day. 

The EU is impotent instrument and people like the Lord are disillusioned by that what has effected in Britain leaving it. They did nothing in the Lord case and probably will do nothing.

While begin in center of the drama they could made an impact on Germans, Poles and Russians to compensate II World War and communism loses of Lord nation. They could help him to restore it. They did and will do nothing.

The time of Judgment is coming closer each year and the tasks that Lord presented in his manifesto will take a decade to be done. If not, there will be no more EU on the map...

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