Saturday, June 9, 2018

Pope meets Oil Exec

Today in Vatican the Pope has meet top executives of oil companies. The Lord welcomes this initiative but does not see anything the mankind could gain from it.

The Pope Francis has called for 'clean energy source' and named this effort as 'epoch' one. That is truly epoch thing. That is certain and it is certain that his goal will be not realized during his reign in the Holy Sea. 

If Pope would be truly thinking about achieving green energy - the Cold Fusion - then he shall not meet with the executives of oil companies but with the Lord directly. 

Anyway, achieving such invention will be not easy and not possible in this century. To share this technology the Lord would need to see serious changes in the world and there are currently no efforts undertaken for this. Empty words and gestures are not enough.

If the Pope would like to have Cold Fusion he would need to complete nine points Manifesto as the very first step in long journey towards the better world...

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