Friday, June 22, 2018

Racial thinking

Many Gentiles has been set upset by the recent statement in Knesset on the 'superiority of the Jewish race' and we want to shed more light on this statement. 

For first concept of the Jewish race is not new. The most well know speaker that used this term was of course Adolf Hitler but the concept was knew to Jews and Gentiles from much longer. 

Before the Holocaust it was a common fear of Jewish race begin destroyed by the inter racial marriages and on the topic elaborated, among others, well know Zionist leader Ze'eb Jabotynski.

But the concept comes deeper to the Holy Bible that makes direct distinctions between Jews by Faith, so called converts and Jews by Birth, the Jewish race.

Before the Holocaust in Poland most of Jews was not a convert but Jews by Birth, of the Jewish race. The Hitler in his quest to 'remove Jewish race from Europe' has gained huge victory and today Israel is dominated by the converts - Jews by Faith.

While in the eyes of the Lord both groups are true Jews, the Holocaust is forcing us to make clear distinctions, just as Hitler was making distinction between Eastern and Western Jews. The other group was mainly converts, just like in the modern day Israel.

We are however different from Knesset speaker that made such statement on the superiority of the Jewish race. It is true that Jews by Birth are more humane and have bigger imagination but in Gentiles societies this does not make them superior to the others. Their humane feelings are rather a flaw for them.

Such statements on the Jewish race superiority in the country that is mainly made by the Jewish converts shall never take a place, even if the Holocaust and the Hitler 'racial thinking' is forcing us to make clear distinctions between converts and the Jews by birth - they are all same in the eyes of the Lord. Same, people of the God. God of Israel...

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