Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Fluff

On the occasion of visit of Netanyahu in London some strange thing occurred. Polish TVN24 has misquoted him as saying that [Syrian Assad] "is no longer protected" while he said that [Syrian Assad] "no longer immune".

The visit of Israeli leader was received with hope by many that he will cast more light on the rumor of the Lord son that is circulating in the air from some years. 

It is true that if the Lord would have a rightful son then he will be no longer protected by the Holy Bible. That is true but so far this rumor is unconfirmed and unverified

The Lord does not believe in it because he have some mark on his right ear, called Pilsudski's mole. Similar mark had his father but it has disappeared when the Lord was born.   

Those who are believing in the the Fluff rumor spread by Satan will lead this planet to the catastrophe. First verify, then claim. Otherwise not only you but whole globe can land on the cemetery... 

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