Sunday, July 29, 2018

Mother of God

And that is why I'm entrusting to You, Mother of Church, all the affairs of this Church, whole of his mission and whole service in the perspective of ending of second millennium of Christianity on Earth.
Jean Paul II, 1979

In last post the Lord exposed how twisted is criticism of Pope Francis on human trafficking but this shall be not the biggest issue for the Pope. As the Lord is going to leave his hometown his mother is exposed to the deadly threat.

We are missing you so much Jean Paul II. Soon they are going on with the 'Big Change' and they forgotten that it is opened by the murdering and replacement of Our Lady. The move that will not only kill her but that will foremost kill all the hope for Salvation for this planet.

How you are going to treat Your Lady that has lead you to crash the Soviet Union. It is so symptomatic for the Christianity since the fate of Celine Mickiewicz.

The Lord is lacking his words but you can be sure that this time he will respond by crashing your civilization and leaving the planet. If Pope Francis will be not able to stop the Order from execution of Our Lady the whole civilization will be destroyed by the Lord on the Day of the Judgment.

This shall be then a top priority not only for the First in the Church but to every Faithfull. Losing the Mother of God will mean lose of all hope for this globe, saith the Lord.

Twisted like Pope

How twisted and immoral is the Pope and the Church in general? Yesterday he has publicly criticized human trafficking. Let's then take a look at the Church backyard. What Malta Order is preparing for the Lord?

They are going to acknowledge soon Lord's claims and are preparing 'Big Change' offer. In fact they do it almost every 100 years since the partitioning of Commonwealth of Both People. They are going to acknowledge the claims and pay the Lord one million dollars but not for free.

The condition is to Lord to procreate black Son. Like a breeding horse with some African lady called Raga. Is not this deal just a human trafficking, dear Pope Francis? Or maybe you have another word for this?

Then lets take a look on what will happen later. They are going to meet the Lord with Amanda. Aim? The same, but this time a white Son. Does anybody ask her for an opinion? No. She is forced to do so under the threat of death. 

Very romantic story and of course does not have anything in common with the Church practices. The Lord also does not have any choice, he just want to pass this in as humane manner as possible to reunite with his further wife - Nina and to meet and liberate Christine that is forced by the same Order to take a husband in Denmark. Also because of this same Catholic Order and the Script which they run almost each generation.

Was there other way? The only is to abandon the Script and sit to the negotiating table with the Lord. But the Pope is not going to do this anytime soon. He is not in power to influence the Malta Order and do not have bulls to confront the Lord. Instead of this we will see same Script they plays since hundreds of years. And this of course does not have anything in common with the human trafficking which the Pope so openly criticized...

Mr. Joy and Ms. Happiness

It's a painting made in 1920 by Lord anointed Witkacy. Do you see a joy and happiness on it? Then why do you think that the Lord will be content from your 'Great Change'?

Most of the people on the planet Earth is deaf but those that hear the Lord we can divide on two categories. 

First, Pytniks, as Witkacy would call them are happy from the Script. In their minds there is a different picture of the Lord and Amanda that will live decent and happy life together. This is a prize for all those years of rejection and sorrow that the Lord enjoyed from their side.

They are sure the Lord will be happy from the Script and they do nothing. They are passivly waiting begin assured by their masters and leaders that the Lord is merciful and will bring the Salvation on them. They are very very wrong.

The other smaller group is the Crusaders. They would like to use the Lord in their games. They know very well Al-Aqsa lesson and are just waiting for the Lord crucifixion. They does not care of the Lord because they know that at the end the East will be to blame for his death and nobody will remember misery and rejection of the West.

Both groups are fundamentally wrong. This time it will be not so easy to gain Salvation as the Lord have enough of this planet and such impotent civilization and will rather destroy it to depart on another planet. 

So do not care, you have a perfect Script for the Lord crucifixion and be not afraid of him. We will see how you will end.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Al Aqsa lesson

Today Iranian Minister of Defense said that 'Iran by no means bow to enemies' demands'. Its very noble, as Trump is trying to make pressure on various nations to turn against the Lord while he is truly unstoppable.

Amir has pointed that while Iranian nation was under unimaginable pressure like Iran-Iraq war it never bowed to the enemy will. It is true but it is also true that nobody needed to make any pressure to turn Khomeini against the Lord.

This insane old man probably all time was struggling for world without the God. A world in which he would replace the Lord. That is why he put his hand to neutralising Lord Father then at the very last moment when Poland was under Soviet occupation tried to kill the Lord.

He has fallen but the Lord remembers. The Lord was then just 10 years old and completely innocent. Learning alphabet.

But the times of Khomeini are behind and Iranian nation could truly turn towards the Lord what is in fact doing. To help them the Lord will share Al-Aqsa lesson with them.

During variety of times the Teutonic crusaders are trying to put a pressure on variety of nations to kill the Lord. Whatever they would be successful in that act they would this way break their own morale. And this is a point on which Teutons count before striking final punch.

It is old Crusaders tactic also broadly know as Al-Aqsa lesson. Did not the Crusaders used it during the Crusade to the Holy Land? They asked Al-Aqsa defenders to surrender to them saying this way they will save a lives. While the defenders agreed and completed Crusaders claims they instead has been slain by them.

The Enemies will for sure try this tactic against Iran. If you will follow the demands instead of peace you will be slain like those in Al-Aqsa mosque. The purpose of this Satanic tactics is to break your will and morale. And for this they need you to turn against the Lord to kill him. Whatever you will be successful or not your moral backbone will be broken. Then the final hit will come...

Big Change

Today CEO of Virgin group has posted a private message to the Lord. What makes people strive for Big Change, he asked. 

On the photo they posed around a big empty chair. On the front you could see somebody like Amanda. She is waiting for the Lord coming to Palace. Radziwill Palace. His palace.

Is that really a Big Change, dear Richard? Do not first in your insane game you will kill one of Raga twins to later blame the Lord for that? 

Is that really a Big Change, dear Richard? You will give the Lord one million dollars for a dreamed black Son with Raga, treating the Lord as the breading horse?

Is that really a Big Change, dear Richard? You will host the Lord in his palace, as the guest.

Is that really a Big Change, dear Richard? You had enough time to act out of the box. The Lord prepared a nice investment opportunity to help poorer Raga survive this time. But none of you have invested...

That would be a Big Change not your idiotic, obsolete Script that you follow like a Robots. To think and act out of the box. To show the Lord that there is a hope for your planet. At the end he can just switch to other one, sacrificing this one. 

No, Lord does not think about events from the Script as the Big Change and this will not help you to survive. The real Big Change is in his Manifesto. But You Richard and nobody else cared to even watch it once. 

If it is a game and everything you want to offer to Your Lord, Your God you all will be doomed. It is time to understand this. The Game Over is coming. Coming in the year 2033 and the Script is no answer...


Today Polish media are full of memories of Polish signer but Lord was surprised by another story. Some young woman has been found dead drowned in lagoon. Well, each time he changes a headline image of this blog it is inspiration for Satan and his forces.

But not only this has surprised him. Today the warning has come from Islamic Republic of Iran. On top of Press TV you can spot some Iranian commander saying that "Iran will respond in kind if interest endangered". Strange coincidence? Not in Kabbalah but some other ladies will check out. That is certain...

Friday, July 27, 2018


For he says to Moses, "I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion."
Romans 9:15

Trump after his sneaky attack is in difficult situation and he knows very well that with the Lord meddling he will not win any elections. What he can do?

Like Lech Kaczynski he can further drow into his madness and start real crusade to eliminate the Lord and silence him but Trump already knows that the Lord thanks to the cosmic situation is truly unstoppable.

What to do then? He can only count on the Lord legendary mercy and forgiveness. And he can count on it. Only if Our Lady will come out of this Kabbalah undamaged.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Unstoppable

The Lord is unstoppable, as the rock that he is throwing each hundred of the years into direction of the planet Earth. He is unstoppable because he is the only person on the whole globe that can stop this rock from hitting the planet. 

Even those with little imagination can imagine what will happen if he would be missing from this equation. If they would murder him, who would save whole civilization? There is a big reason why they are constantly talking about the Salvation and calls him the Saviour. 

Even if not everybody understands that the Lord is only person that could save the Earth from another Deluge and following Ice Age. Even if he would have a Son now, he will be not matured enough to replace his Father.

That is why the rape of the Lord that some are planing will not work. This thing was in the past and it is called Atlantis. They cannot kill him. They cannot rape him. That is a truth that you must understand. The Lord is unstoppable as the rock that is going to hit the Earth. He is unstoppable, as the justice he brings to the land. 

Grave warning

Head of European Commission has presented to Trump unusual gift. A photo of military cemetery. Could it be a warning to him, what will happen if Trump after his Sunday proof will continue his crusade?  

Trump sooner or later will understand that he has been caught into trap without escape. He tried to assassinate the Lord by his Secret Service and he have failed turning the Lord against him. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2018


The fallen boulder in Jerusalem shall be treated by Jews and Gentiles as the final warning given by the Lord. He is going to leave his home town because of economical reasons.

He is going to leave Our Lady and is afraid she will get murdered by Kaczynski culprits that later will escape to Moscow where they will find not so safe harbor.

He is afraid of her and is once again warning this Maltese idiots. There will be no deal, no chances of survival if something bad will happen to Our Lady. YOUR CIVILIZATION WILL BE DESTROYED BY SIMILAR BOULDER COMING FROM THE SPACE.  

Sunday, July 22, 2018


"Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there"
American anthem

We are not afraid of Donald Trump that is serving the Satan not the Lord. American people sooner or later will overthrow this Maltese Knight and normality will return to our relations.

The most powerful man on the Earth, as they call him is powerless if it comes to the Lord. The only thing he can do is to split a poison from his Twitter account. 

And you Pompeo, know that calling the Jewish Nation a mafia was something that Nazi did before the Holocaust. You are no different what you have proved on Sunday night before the Helsinki summit. 

Mother of all wars

Iranian President Hasan Rouhani today in unusual words warned President Trump that 'Iran is a mother of all wars". His wording the Lord is receiving as extraordinary expression of sympathy. 

The Mother of God is however last step in the replacement of the world leaders. Before Vladimir and Dimitri are going to be replaced and the world will again find itself on the verge of a war. 

The words of Hasan shall be then carefully studied by the further murderers that using Kaczynski as the shield will try to find a safe harbor in Moscow to seed there a real Bolshevism. Also there the Lord have his people and the life of assassins will be very short. 

The odium of this inhuman act will only for moment hang over the Moscow. Soon we could expect the murderers will be delivered to before the Lord by Iranian influence and the whole act will underpin Poles and their Western Allies. 

At the end the Order and their Knights will be responsible for this inhuman act against the God and their smoke screen will disappear in the night quickly.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Bennu Hill

The Pope is mis-functional but we have NASA. Few days ago the agency warned that asteroid Bennu is going to hit the Earth in 2135.

It was too dangerous to say to the people that it will happen just hundred years earlier but they still have some time to do so. Relatively soon you will see it on the sky like Betlehem Star pointing your way to the Lord.

But it will be too late as the only one that could save You is more interesting in departing the planet that doing so.

The Order have some plan however. They want a true Bennu Hill. Old fat man surrounded by beautiful ladies. The problem is that they are 20 years late with this. As they are with Bennu hit date....


It's funny planet. While the Lord was younger he has run a legalize cannabis group in Poland. And when he landed on the street and later in prison, his colleague Andrzej Dolecki has become Member of Parliament. 

Now they think it will be business as usual. That the Lord treated like breeding horse will be happy from million of dollars. No, he will be not.

Beatufill planet that deliberately has fucked up everything and will be punished by the Lord on the Day of the Judgment in 2033. Time is up!

Merkel woes

Angela Merkel is worried as the Lord is. Today she stated that we cannot relay on U.S. as superpower. "I was right to say we can't relay exclusively on U.S." 

The Sunday night has proved this. We do not have only Maltese Knight in White House but also somebody so hostile towards the Lord that was trying to assassinate him.

It is not good sign as the Order is gearing for replacement of world leaders and some of the family of the Lord. The Lord has not once warned that in the response he will destroy this civilization and will left the globe on the Day of the Judgment in 2033. 

After lose of his beloved mother nothing will be able to compensate it. The world will be doomed but does anyone care?

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Dagger in night

Russian Sputnik has just informed us that Donald Trump's Secret Service agent died on mission in the UK and the Lord thinks if this was not a dagger send to him in the dark night. Officially the reason of his death was 'stroke'...

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The day will come

While Obama has just showed up and stated that 'we are living in strange and uncertain times' and that '"Each day’s news cycle is bringing more headspinning and disturbing headlines" the Israeli Haertz is brining another warning:

The day will come when not only Israeli politicians and military officials will be put on trial, but also jurists, military and civilian judges, architects and planners, everyone who enabled and enables the division of this land.
The day will come when Israel’s Holocaust credit line with the world will run out. The day will come when the leaders of Judeo-Israeli colonialism will be put on trial. The day will come and those who today show shrinking tolerance toward us because of Auschwitz on one hand, our war and intelligence industry on the other, and because of our relative whiteness on another, will become fed up.

Monday, July 16, 2018

By Pilsudski eye

You cannot forget that the Maltese Scripture have a military purpose. In this specific context a purpose of destroying Lord lands: Poland and Israel.

It is hard to say from which country the Kabbalah will start but one is sure, both are affected and exposed.

Also a romance with Amanda is a propaganda move that suits interest of Bolsheviks. The idea is that the Lord is forcing her to be with him while his true boy-friend Manowski together with Russian forces is going to liberate her.

To counter this idea the best would be for Lord and Amanda to leave territory of Poland once they will meet. To move to some Western European country or just to the United States. This will remove the liberation effect from the Bolsheviks forces.

The point is that Amanda romance is just a prelude to the Battle of Warsaw. A battle that this time is hard if not impossible to win.

And thus the Lord is this time turning his back from Poles for all they have done or did not and will depart his land before the operation will start.

Instead of Poland he will be focused on defending Israel from the potential invasion from Syria and Lebanon and this is something that he will recommend other leaders.

The line of Odra river will be for sure a line on which U.S. and Germany will wait for the Enemy from the East. But this does not mean that Lord will leave his country forever.

He will build at the West powerful alliance that will liberate the land of his forefathers. Using the fact that he is going to leave the planet will be not hard to mobilize the public support for such war. He will certainly put this case on the edge of the knife, so Bolsheviks shall be not happy. After retreat there will be also a come back before the year of the Judgment. Magical year 2033...

The backup plan

After the summit one is sure the potential murderers of Our Lady will not find a place in the western hemisphere. Still Lord believes in the Russian generals.

Putin has agreed to keep Syrian and Iranian forces out of the border with Israel. This gives us some time but how long? Before he and cousin Dimitri will be replaced.

The situation of Poland and Israel is same and maybe even it will have same timing. With Putin replaced they will find in same grave situation losing their only security guarantee.

The squad, returning to the core issue, that is going to execute Mother of God will be safe for moment if will be able to cross Russian border. Something that Kaczynski will agree.

They after arriving in Moscow will become a founding stone of New Soviet Union. A core of Bolshevism.

But can they count this time on ordinary Russians? Lord doubts. His influence do not know borders and with Judgment nearing it will only grow so it is only matter of time before they will be executed by the Sons and Daughters of Levy.

The other problem is that whole plot was organised by the Order and in the Church you will find organisers. They will pay for that too but whole planet will be set to doom. Only because of some ancient scripture and the people hearts...


Both leaders, Vladimir and Donald has emphasized security of Israel what is yet another sign that publicizing the New Covenant is doing its work on the international level.

It is true however, what Donal Trump has underscored that our relations are worst in the history but as he suggested the situation has improved slightly since he has taken over the Oval Office. Still, it is not enough and there is huge room for improvements.

The question remain what Donald thinks by 'realistic'. The demands that Lord presented are minimal requirements that will ensure his safety and prosperity in the centuries to come. The 9 points must be meet fully. 

It is true that it is huge challenge and it is good that Donald started to realize that fact. However, they are not negotiable. The alternative is that the Lord will simply depart the planet on the Day of Judgment in 2033 and will start new civilization somewhere else.

If you want to make him stay you must implement fully all the 9 points of his Manifesto. There is no other choice and it will be not negotiated. They must become fact for the Lord to stay on Earth and yes, there is huge work ahead of us all. Truly the New Age...

US foolishnes

Today Donal Trump has stated important thing. Ties With [Russia] Have Never Been Worse Due to Years of 'US Foolishness & Stupidity'.

That is very true and this Foolishness & Stupidity have a name. It is Barack Obama that has lead the Lord into years of homelessness and imprisonment.

If Donald Trump will be able to repair this relations then for sure American nation will pay him back and will re-elect him on next presidential terms. This is something that not only Americans are expecting.

However, if Donald will limit himself to the Maltese Scripture and will simply execute it step-by-step it will only bring a Wrath of God on him and whole globe. To come out of this situation requires a lot of work and good will on both sides.

The Lord has prepared a nine point Manifesto in which he lays down his expectations. A nine points that must be completed before the year 2033 to avoid his departure. And they are not a low ones...

Sunday, July 15, 2018


When the Lord was calmed by recent Kaczynski-Israel joint announcement the new blow from Kaczynski has came. The occasion was exposure of Smolensk monument in Krasnik. 

The names of victims has been put together with names of victims of Katyn what is a great insult to the history of the nation. But not the only one Kaczynski culprits did.

They has also send an ambulance for the Lord but as usual it did not reached him. Many Poles see the similarity of this monument to the Lenin one and it is also in spiritual sense not only the optical one. 

Lord father had also Melanie romance, his own little Smolensk and same creatures wanting revenge for that. Thanks to Gorbachev they has successes what had an crashing effect for whole Soviet block. 

The difference is that this time Lord does not have Son and they are completely without any chances for success...


Side-backs of Judgment

What a Trump proposed is not a new tactics. It is side backs of the Judgment that as it is nearing people become naked in the eyes of the Lord. Also attractive ladies...

In such a trap Mickiewicz has been caught when he has meet Celina around 1833. From this relationship Wincenty Pilsudski has been born but has been taken by force from the pair and grown in separation. 

Mickiewicz unlike current Lord was not told the Kabbalah and he had no idea what a role he plays in the world affairs until the 1833 - year of the judgment, so it was easy to trap him. 

No situation is different and the Lord is fully aware of the Kabbalah. Moreover now it is not only about the Deluge. Now he thinks of laving the planet for another one where he want to create new civilization that will be like heaven compared to the Earth. 

For that reasons, thinking about Celina, about using magpies is a childish tactic. Of course they all will be rejected, except Kabbalah ladies - Raga, Amanda, Nina and Christie - that are pretty safe for the Lord because of their races. 

Thus having such strategy for the election in 2020 is having no strategy. And if you will play this way you can be sure that at the end you all will be doomed. Because you are will be naked in the eyes of the Lord at the end of the day. With all your evil...

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Celina Mickiewicz

Trump is childish but very honest and likes to discuss his ideas in the open minded way. That is something that Lord likes and will be equally honest in this post. 

The problem with 'three dollars tactic' is that it will not work this time. For first unlike Mickiewicz, the Lord is fully aware of his powers and threats. For second, even if he will meet his Celina and will make a son this time it will not block him from executing the Judgment over the Earth. 

The timing is working against you, dear Donald. There is only fifteen years left and the Son would be immature to make a judgment. He could not be a Saviour because on the day of the Judgment he will have 14 years.

The Lord already though about growing him in the manner to depart the planet because on the day of Judgment the Lord will have 55 years. An age little on the edge to make space journey and then re-create civilization.

What would happen if instead of making his ruling the Lord will refuse? Instead ordering his son to depart the planet? Did you ever though about such scenario?

The Lord have his Kabbalah ladies and for some reasons he decided to stick to them. Celina is not an option, as your whole 3 dollars strategy. It will not work this time...

Anubis syndrome

Hau... Hau... Hau are you. Mr. President we all could ask today morning. The Anubis syndrome is nothing new and it will be better for us all if Trump would get Mickieicz's  Cold Turkey shower in the Moscow on his hot head.

The truth is that Cold Fusion is out of the range for mankind and it will be so for at least next hundred years. For Putin however this visit can be of life and death, as the Order is gearing up for replacement of top World Leaders. 

So far they has been literally paralyzed by the Anubis syndrome and did not had any arguments in counter. The difficulty is also that whole spread is keep in secrecy. They must understand the plot and counter-act if want to save their own lives. 

It is true that Trump is a Knight of Malta Order but it is his advantage. Would be perfect to recruit him for our case, as he could work from inside the Order. The worst we can do is to laugh on him...

The Israel will be not dismantled in on day and the Lord will not be hit directly from beginning.  Instead we will see a string of replacement of world leaders. Step by step overcoming the Lord influence. 

Then... Then Malta Order will stop the operation on Mother of God. They will stop because on top of the Order they know very well that the Lord is immune on all threats. They will stop and instead will execute cover operation with Raga, Amanda, Nina and Christine but the Lord and people will be surrounded by Maltese clowns.