Saturday, July 28, 2018

Al Aqsa lesson

Today Iranian Minister of Defense said that 'Iran by no means bow to enemies' demands'. Its very noble, as Trump is trying to make pressure on various nations to turn against the Lord while he is truly unstoppable.

Amir has pointed that while Iranian nation was under unimaginable pressure like Iran-Iraq war it never bowed to the enemy will. It is true but it is also true that nobody needed to make any pressure to turn Khomeini against the Lord.

This insane old man probably all time was struggling for world without the God. A world in which he would replace the Lord. That is why he put his hand to neutralising Lord Father then at the very last moment when Poland was under Soviet occupation tried to kill the Lord.

He has fallen but the Lord remembers. The Lord was then just 10 years old and completely innocent. Learning alphabet.

But the times of Khomeini are behind and Iranian nation could truly turn towards the Lord what is in fact doing. To help them the Lord will share Al-Aqsa lesson with them.

During variety of times the Teutonic crusaders are trying to put a pressure on variety of nations to kill the Lord. Whatever they would be successful in that act they would this way break their own morale. And this is a point on which Teutons count before striking final punch.

It is old Crusaders tactic also broadly know as Al-Aqsa lesson. Did not the Crusaders used it during the Crusade to the Holy Land? They asked Al-Aqsa defenders to surrender to them saying this way they will save a lives. While the defenders agreed and completed Crusaders claims they instead has been slain by them.

The Enemies will for sure try this tactic against Iran. If you will follow the demands instead of peace you will be slain like those in Al-Aqsa mosque. The purpose of this Satanic tactics is to break your will and morale. And for this they need you to turn against the Lord to kill him. Whatever you will be successful or not your moral backbone will be broken. Then the final hit will come...

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