Saturday, July 14, 2018

Anubis syndrome

Hau... Hau... Hau are you. Mr. President we all could ask today morning. The Anubis syndrome is nothing new and it will be better for us all if Trump would get Mickieicz's  Cold Turkey shower in the Moscow on his hot head.

The truth is that Cold Fusion is out of the range for mankind and it will be so for at least next hundred years. For Putin however this visit can be of life and death, as the Order is gearing up for replacement of top World Leaders. 

So far they has been literally paralyzed by the Anubis syndrome and did not had any arguments in counter. The difficulty is also that whole spread is keep in secrecy. They must understand the plot and counter-act if want to save their own lives. 

It is true that Trump is a Knight of Malta Order but it is his advantage. Would be perfect to recruit him for our case, as he could work from inside the Order. The worst we can do is to laugh on him...

The Israel will be not dismantled in on day and the Lord will not be hit directly from beginning.  Instead we will see a string of replacement of world leaders. Step by step overcoming the Lord influence. 

Then... Then Malta Order will stop the operation on Mother of God. They will stop because on top of the Order they know very well that the Lord is immune on all threats. They will stop and instead will execute cover operation with Raga, Amanda, Nina and Christine but the Lord and people will be surrounded by Maltese clowns.   

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