Saturday, July 28, 2018

Big Change

Today CEO of Virgin group has posted a private message to the Lord. What makes people strive for Big Change, he asked. 

On the photo they posed around a big empty chair. On the front you could see somebody like Amanda. She is waiting for the Lord coming to Palace. Radziwill Palace. His palace.

Is that really a Big Change, dear Richard? Do not first in your insane game you will kill one of Raga twins to later blame the Lord for that? 

Is that really a Big Change, dear Richard? You will give the Lord one million dollars for a dreamed black Son with Raga, treating the Lord as the breading horse?

Is that really a Big Change, dear Richard? You will host the Lord in his palace, as the guest.

Is that really a Big Change, dear Richard? You had enough time to act out of the box. The Lord prepared a nice investment opportunity to help poorer Raga survive this time. But none of you have invested...

That would be a Big Change not your idiotic, obsolete Script that you follow like a Robots. To think and act out of the box. To show the Lord that there is a hope for your planet. At the end he can just switch to other one, sacrificing this one. 

No, Lord does not think about events from the Script as the Big Change and this will not help you to survive. The real Big Change is in his Manifesto. But You Richard and nobody else cared to even watch it once. 

If it is a game and everything you want to offer to Your Lord, Your God you all will be doomed. It is time to understand this. The Game Over is coming. Coming in the year 2033 and the Script is no answer...

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