Monday, July 16, 2018


Both leaders, Vladimir and Donald has emphasized security of Israel what is yet another sign that publicizing the New Covenant is doing its work on the international level.

It is true however, what Donal Trump has underscored that our relations are worst in the history but as he suggested the situation has improved slightly since he has taken over the Oval Office. Still, it is not enough and there is huge room for improvements.

The question remain what Donald thinks by 'realistic'. The demands that Lord presented are minimal requirements that will ensure his safety and prosperity in the centuries to come. The 9 points must be meet fully. 

It is true that it is huge challenge and it is good that Donald started to realize that fact. However, they are not negotiable. The alternative is that the Lord will simply depart the planet on the Day of Judgment in 2033 and will start new civilization somewhere else.

If you want to make him stay you must implement fully all the 9 points of his Manifesto. There is no other choice and it will be not negotiated. They must become fact for the Lord to stay on Earth and yes, there is huge work ahead of us all. Truly the New Age...

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