Sunday, July 15, 2018


When the Lord was calmed by recent Kaczynski-Israel joint announcement the new blow from Kaczynski has came. The occasion was exposure of Smolensk monument in Krasnik. 

The names of victims has been put together with names of victims of Katyn what is a great insult to the history of the nation. But not the only one Kaczynski culprits did.

They has also send an ambulance for the Lord but as usual it did not reached him. Many Poles see the similarity of this monument to the Lenin one and it is also in spiritual sense not only the optical one. 

Lord father had also Melanie romance, his own little Smolensk and same creatures wanting revenge for that. Thanks to Gorbachev they has successes what had an crashing effect for whole Soviet block. 

The difference is that this time Lord does not have Son and they are completely without any chances for success...


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