Monday, July 16, 2018

By Pilsudski eye

You cannot forget that the Maltese Scripture have a military purpose. In this specific context a purpose of destroying Lord lands: Poland and Israel.

It is hard to say from which country the Kabbalah will start but one is sure, both are affected and exposed.

Also a romance with Amanda is a propaganda move that suits interest of Bolsheviks. The idea is that the Lord is forcing her to be with him while his true boy-friend Manowski together with Russian forces is going to liberate her.

To counter this idea the best would be for Lord and Amanda to leave territory of Poland once they will meet. To move to some Western European country or just to the United States. This will remove the liberation effect from the Bolsheviks forces.

The point is that Amanda romance is just a prelude to the Battle of Warsaw. A battle that this time is hard if not impossible to win.

And thus the Lord is this time turning his back from Poles for all they have done or did not and will depart his land before the operation will start.

Instead of Poland he will be focused on defending Israel from the potential invasion from Syria and Lebanon and this is something that he will recommend other leaders.

The line of Odra river will be for sure a line on which U.S. and Germany will wait for the Enemy from the East. But this does not mean that Lord will leave his country forever.

He will build at the West powerful alliance that will liberate the land of his forefathers. Using the fact that he is going to leave the planet will be not hard to mobilize the public support for such war. He will certainly put this case on the edge of the knife, so Bolsheviks shall be not happy. After retreat there will be also a come back before the year of the Judgment. Magical year 2033...

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