Saturday, July 14, 2018

Celina Mickiewicz

Trump is childish but very honest and likes to discuss his ideas in the open minded way. That is something that Lord likes and will be equally honest in this post. 

The problem with 'three dollars tactic' is that it will not work this time. For first unlike Mickiewicz, the Lord is fully aware of his powers and threats. For second, even if he will meet his Celina and will make a son this time it will not block him from executing the Judgment over the Earth. 

The timing is working against you, dear Donald. There is only fifteen years left and the Son would be immature to make a judgment. He could not be a Saviour because on the day of the Judgment he will have 14 years.

The Lord already though about growing him in the manner to depart the planet because on the day of Judgment the Lord will have 55 years. An age little on the edge to make space journey and then re-create civilization.

What would happen if instead of making his ruling the Lord will refuse? Instead ordering his son to depart the planet? Did you ever though about such scenario?

The Lord have his Kabbalah ladies and for some reasons he decided to stick to them. Celina is not an option, as your whole 3 dollars strategy. It will not work this time...

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