Friday, July 13, 2018

Gorbachev Dog 2.0

There is no mistake why acronym of God is a Dog. Our Maltan President of United States is spreading in secrecy new wunderwaffe tactic. The target this time is the Cold Fusion just like in times of Mikhail Gorbachev. 

What is so wonderful in this and what a doG have in common with this? If the Lord is not going to share this technology let's do some trick. Let use psychotropics and modern medicine to change him into animal like state. Into the dog that will apport it from his nest. 

This powerful tactics is quickly overtaking people minds. A situation we saw in Communism time. A situation we saw in Belgium.

The issue is that the nest is protected from this and if the Lord mind will be alerted in any manner the program for Earth is his hibernation. It is the only option. The Lord is denied access to the nest and instead is proposed to go into hibernation. What this does means for the Earth when meteor is incoming you do not be rocket scientist to deduct.  

In Germany they call it ban. Deutche Bhan and they used it once to dismantle Soviet Union...

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