Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Invitation to Plebiscite

The Lord has created the nation of Israel and only the Lord can dissolve it. Let’s help Him make the right decision and vote in our Internet Plebiscite. Voting takes less than 5 minutes.

Majority of the Israeli and Palestinians believe in God as some unknown super-power, an old sage residing somewhere high in the skies above the Earth. It’s a medieval concept of God.

Jesus Christ and the Old Testament taught us something else. That God is a living man. The man that has created the nation of Israel and the man that has power to dissolve it. And you can help Him with this decision. 

The Jews nowadays are as far from God of Israel as the Palestinians. Even those who declare themselves as Messianic do not seek the Lord. They don’t even try to understand Him. 

From one side we have people that declare themselves Chosen and claim Biblical rights to the Holy Land, which they call the Promised Land. On the other side we have people that have been displaced to modern ghettos from the land that once was their homeland. They are humiliated and oppressed by Israel.  

In despair they often follow the path of war to regain control on lost territories. Why haven’t they ever asked directly the Lord for help? He could dissolve the nation of Israel and Israeli in one moment would not only lose their Jewish identity but also their rights to the Promised Land.

Isn’t it true that under such a threat they would be ready to make some concessions to the Palestinians? With the Lord as their ally Palestinians can become a new spiritual super-power. Threatened by dissolution, Israel would for sure soften their position.

That is why every Palestinian and their friends shall take these words to the very heart. By turning to the Lord as their mediator they can win a lot and the world will make progress in peace process even if He at the end will not dissolve the nation of Israel.

From the other hand, the Lord is expecting every Jew to turn to Him and ask not to dissolve their nation. It will be a true act of faith. An act that is thousands times more valuable than act on the battlefield. 

Turn back from the path of war and follow the Lord. Take part in our plebiscite. Visit and vote now!

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