Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Kaczynski move

The Lord recent journey to Paris was not only turning point for a relations the Jewish State of Israel have with all the Western World it was also turning point when it comes to their relations with Kaczynski party.   

Today world press is full of joint statement of Israel and Poland and this is something positive. It was a time when the Lord propagated this not so secret verse on the nation of Israel, or Jewry in general. 

For many, including Kaczynski now, the right for self-defense of the nation is now fully understandable and accepted, even if it puts Lech death in very anti-semitic light. Kaczynski told publicly that it is now a start of defamation campaign and is thinking about making more friendly relation with the Lord but the death of his twin-brother will always put this in the shadows.

Well, the Order is gathering to progress their script but here is a deadly point for them. It is a verse that says about murdering and replacing  the Lord mother, Our Lady of Jasnagora. 

And while Kaczynski will be for a Lord like a Lady with a weasel you must be aware that it will be he personally responsible for murdering the Mother of God and replacing her by her German replacement.  Whatever Poles will tell you about this event the truth is that they are responsible...

What kind of the defamation campaign Kaczynski can then perform? Is not this dead end for him and his political party? Shedding the blood of the Mother of God cannot be accepted for any Pole that was teach the history and knows anything about the Grunwald battle and first anthem of Poland that was so proudly sign there by the Slavic forces. And there was a hard reason for that...

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